No one wants to even consider the idea that lead materials lie within your home. If your home was built before 1978, there’s a possibility lead paint lies under layers and layers of fresher coats. Unfortunately, even the slightest exposure to lead paint is linked to behavioral disorders and lower IQs in children. When you work with American Window Products, your safety is our top priority. From lead-safe certification practices to fully functional window locks, we work diligently to make your Jacksonville home a relaxing sanctuary. 

The History of Lead Certification and Why it Matters

It’s no secret led is toxic. But if you were alive in the seventies or earlier, this toxic metal was widely accepted as a popular paint product for walls and windows. Over two-thirds of all homes built between 1940 and half of the homes built between 1940 and 1960 contain paint with high concentrations of lead. 


Think of all the places in your house coated in paint. The exterior siding, interior walls, doors and window frame…the list goes on. Even though your house may have undergone many renovations in past years, there’s a good chance lead is still present underneath it all. 


That’s where we come in. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a lead paint certification and testing requires that took effect in 2010. Certain renovations, repairs and painting jobs require lead testing before the project can move forward. From replacement windows to a fresh coat of paint, it’s crucial to partner with a professional who holds a lead certification. 

Our First Step is to Test for Lead in Your Walls and Windows

The American Window Products team uses an EPA-certified lead test kit to check the paint in your home. This is one of the first steps our team takes before we start a project in an older Jacksonville home. 


The process to hold our lead-safe certification is rigorous, but absolutely crucial to the health of our customers. Our team members take an eight-hour training course that our company renews every five years. 

Lead Safe Work Practices Every Homeowner Deserves

If our team goes through the process of checking for lead paint and we detect a presence, we follow strict procedures to keep things safe. Here are the steps we take in your home or business once we detect the presence of lead:


– Isolate the area with partitions, caution tape and/or signage to prevent anyone who’s not wearing lead-safe clothing to enter the site

– Seal off the window with a “zip wall” or plastic covering to separate it from the interior of your home

– Our Lead-Safe Certified technicians assess the site before the window replacement begins

– We remove the old window completely and individual mist and wrap each piece with plastic

– Once we install the new windows, we carefully complete the clean-up process to contain the lead dust

Partner with the Leading Jacksonville Window Company You Can Trust

Some people rush through their work and care only about their bottom line. That’s not us. When you work with the American Window Products professionals, we treat you like family through every step of our process. 


“We appreciate the professionalism of your entire staff & crew. Everyone was prompt, courteous and considerate. Thanks for an excellent experience!”

– Bill O., American Window Products Testimonial


We care about your long-term quality of life. Whether that’s thoroughly testing for lead or perfectly installing your window frames, our experts carefully walk through every step for the safety of your family. 
Are you in the market for new windows in Jacksonville? We’re here to help. Contact the American Window Products team today to schedule your free estimate.