bigstock-Front-Door-778348.jpgIt was not too long ago that you had very few options when you set out to replace the front door of your home. As a matter of fact, it was only a few decades ago where you really only had one option, that being a wood door. Thankfully, consumers now have far more options out there outside of the standard wood look. Steel and fiberglass are two door materials that have come on strong in recent years, fiberglass in particular. Once thought of as a cheap material that was used for poorly made doors, fiberglass has set itself apart as a quality solution and a material that can be the de facto go to for anyone looking to replace the exterior door of their home.

Minimal Maintenance

One of the best things about fiberglass doors is that they require very minimal maintenance. When you think about a door material such as wood, you need to keep up with the wood and paint it, stain it from time to time. With fiberglass the care that is needed is extremely minimal. All you have to do if you want the door to be cleaned up and kept looking new is to just wipe it down with a cleaning solution and paper towels, nothing more than that. Maintenance of fiberglass doors could not be any simpler.  

Resistance to Scratches and Dents

Door replacement Jacksonville that involves fiberglass is also beneficial in the way that the material resists both scratches and dents. Think about wood and how easily it can take on both of these things. You swipe your keys the wrong way past the wood and you could scratch it. Fiberglass is going to be able to resist this level of damage with a greater deal of strength and durability. This can help the fiberglass door replacement Jacksonville stay looking new for longer.  

Multiple Finish Options

There are also multiple finish options that you can get with fiberglass so that you can even end up with the perfect wood look that you want, while enjoying all of the other benefits that fiberglass brings. You could end up with a door replacement Jacksonville that has a wood grain finish, smooth finish, or anything else that you may be looking for to match the style of your home.

No Rotting or Deterioration

Fiberglass is not going to rot or deteriorate the way that wood will or even steel can break down over time. With fiberglass you are going to be able to have an exterior door that is going to be able to stand up to all of the elements that you can expect in Florida. You don’t have to be concerned with heavy winds and rainstorms or anything like that wearing down the fiberglass and causing rotting.  

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency gains are always important to homeowners. When you can help to convert your home from a standard home to an energy efficient home with door replacement Jacksonville, you are going to find that you are recouping the money that you spent on the door every day with lower energy costs. Energy efficiency means helping your air conditioner and heating equipment run less when they need to in order to help keep your home at the desired temperature.

Door replacement Jacksonville that we install with fiberglass doors brings with them a great many benefits. Fiberglass truly has become the best quality solution for any homeowner replacing an exterior door thanks to its low maintenance requirements, durability, aesthetic appeal, and so on. Consider fiberglass the next time your exterior door comes up for replacement.