Double Paned WindowsIf your home still has the original, single paned windows, you need to make a change. Understanding the significance of double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL homes is of the utmost importance, especially as you start to evaluate updating your home.

The Basics in Terms of Differences

Just as the name indicates, a single paned window is going to have just one pane of glass. This means one layer of glass that is going to separate the outside from the inside. A double paned glass window has two panes of glass. You will have another barrier to protect the inside of your home from outside conditions. This includes everything from the sound, to the weather, the temperature, and so on.

Blocking Out Noise

We all want the inside of our homes to be nice and peaceful. The windows of our homes are supposed to work to be sure that the sound is not able to make it all of the way in. When you have double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL, what you will find is that the sound from the outside never is able to fully penetrate. You may hear some faint noise from the outside, but it is certainly not going to sound loud.

Temperature Regulation

We also all want our homes to be comfortable from a temperature perspective. This is why we spend so much time and effort on things such as our HVAC units. When you have double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL, temperature regulation is that much easier. The windows are going to be better able to insulate the interior of your home to keep that inside temperature extremely consistent no matter what time of the day that it is. Single paned windows will have a much harder time as air from the outside is going to be able to pass through the glass that much easier.

Comparing single pane to double paned windows in Jacksonville, FL is simply a mismatch. There are just so many benefits that double paned windows bring to the table that single paned windows do not. Think about what you have in your home and compare your windows to what is available from us at American Window Products.