Fogged windowsHomeowners often have a lot of questions when they see their windows suspiciously fogging up. “What’s causing the fog?” “Should I be concerned?” “Can I do anything on my own to deal with the problem?” These are understandable questions that many homeowners face on a daily basis. More and more Jacksonville residents ask these questions as the hot summer months roll in and the inside AC is cranking. But, that’s no excuse for the fog. Your windows should be able to handle the change in weather, no matter the difference between the interior and exterior temperatures.

What Causes Windows to Fog Up

The reason your windows fog up is because of built up condensation on the glass. This happens when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are drastically different. When there’s moisture or visible water vapor in the air, it condenses on the cold glass. Because your windows are likely the coolest exterior surface of your home, the moisture gravitates toward them.

How to Fix the Problem

The best way to fix this annoying problem is by limiting the amount of humidity and moisture that exists in your home. In the scorching hot summer, this means making sure you have a quality AC system that’ll work to any moisture in the air. If this problem is causing your basement to be damp, consider using a dehumidifier and leaving doors open to promote air circulation.
A great way to aerate your home without losing the precious air conditioning is with roof vents. They’ll do a great job of allowing moisture to escape while keeping the cold air inside your home. Win, win.

Problem With Fogging

The annoying condensation built up on windows leads to unwanted moisture in your home. When you have poorly made or outdated windows, the moisture can build up between the panes because of a broken seal. Unfortunately, this moisture can lead to mold growth. It’s important to deal with fogging concerns immediately to reduce the risk of dangerous mold growing so close to you and your family.
Most homeowners face the problem of fogged windows from time to time. Understanding the cause of this allows you to immediately take the necessary steps to fixing it. The experts at American Window Products will work with you to tackle the fogging problem and go over options and tips to prevent this scenario in the future and avoid serious damage.