Aluminum WindowsFashion comes and goes with every passing decade, and aluminum window styles are no exception. Aluminum windows were all the rage a few decades ago, then vinyl windows arrived on the scene and took their place. But it’s 2016 now, and aluminum windows are popular once again, and for good reason. Aluminum windows are a minimal maintenance, low cost, attractive alternative to the standard wood and vinyl.

There are plenty of benefits to aluminum windows, other than the obvious price-conscious factor. Homeowners are gravitating toward this window material once again because of its unique, aesthetic appearance and durability. Let’s look at aluminum windows in closer detail to see why they should be your choice for your next window replacement.

Exceptional Curb Appeal

When you think of aluminum, you likely think of shiny, cheap aluminum foil. Sorry, but you’re mistaken on this one! Aluminum can be manufactured in any color your heart desires and any design scheme your house may follow. Aluminum is great for arch windows and regular windows, and is sure to providing a stunning look that will make your neighbors jealous.


Just another area where Aluminum stands above the rest. Aluminum is three times stronger than its top competitor, vinyl. It also does an excellent job of resisting warping, cracking and general weathering that often results from high winds and heavy storms.

Noise Reduction

No one likes to hear car horns or dog barks when they’re sitting in their living room. With aluminum windows, you don’t have to. Aluminum is better than its main competition, wood and vinyl, in reducing noise. A quiet home is a happy home.


Price matters to just about everyone, which is why aluminum windows should be on your radar. When compared to wood and vinyl, aluminum blows them out of the water. The look and quality of expensive windows at a price that fits nearly any budget. Aluminum windows make a window replacement realistic for every financial situation.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons to update the windows in your home is because of the energy gains that outdated, weathered windows just don’t offer. When you choose to update your windows, you’re choosing to save money in the long run. Energy efficient windows use less energy to keep your home cool and comfortable, saving you the big bucks on your energy bill. Aluminum windows are tied with vinyl and wood in providing energy efficiency, although aluminum is the most inexpensive option. When you opt for double-paned glass paired with aluminum casing, you’ll see energy efficiency benefits immediately.

Aluminum windows are popular once again, and they’re here to stay. When it comes to window replacement, aluminum is the most inexpensive, quality, efficient option. At American Window Products, we’ve seen an incredible rise in the amount of aluminum windows we install, and the reason for this is obvious: durability, great curb appeal and minimal cost. It’s a no-brainer to consider aluminum windows for your next window replacement!