Deciding when you should replace your exterior door, whether it be a front door or back door, is pivotal. Waiting too long to replace exterior doors can make your home more susceptible to the forces of mother nature, allowing air through, as well as potential moisture. It can also pose a security risk if your exterior door is worn down to the point where it can no longer keep your home secure. Some signs that you should replace your exterior door are included below and should be closely paid attention to by any homeowner.

Heavy Air Draft

One of the best ways to see if you should replace an exterior door is to gauge the air draft that is coming through. This can best be felt on either a very hot day or a very cold night when there is a bit of a wind blowing. Standing by the door, try and see if you can feel a decent draft coming through the door. If this is the case, chances are you are wasting unnecessary money on energy costs to regulate the temperature in your home. Exterior doors that are worn down over time are not going to insulate your home properly.

Water Coming Through

Moisture coming through the door is another sign that it needs to be replaced. This can be seen either in the winter during a snowstorm or during a rainstorm in the summer months. Watch for moisture that may build up and potentially seep through either the top or the bottom of the door. Exterior doors can move slightly over time and the more they get worn down, the less they are going to be able to completely seal off moisture from getting through it and into your home.

Signs of Excessive Wear and Tear

There are several other signs of just excessive wear and tear on an exterior door that are worth paying attention to. This includes first and foremost the way in which the door opens and closes. A door should seal tight when it is closed. Checking the door for cracks or areas where it may be breaking down can also help gauge the lifespan that it has left. Doors that are exposed to a lot of sunlight can take on wear and tear. These types of impacts can speed up the process of it breaking down and needing a full replacement.

Watching out for signs such as those listed above will help you gauge when the right time is to replace your exterior door. These doors keep us secure from the elements outside, whether they be weather related or otherwise. These essential doors are what add that level of comfort and shelter in your home that you feel every night. Making sure you stay on top of them to replace them in a timely manner will ensure your home stays secure from all of the weather outside and save you from wasted energy costs as well.