Hurricanes can do serious damage to your Jacksonville windows. In order to be able to properly protect the windows, you need to take some steps to help reduce the risk that they are exposed to. Windows are the most vulnerable parts of your home to the winds and rain of a hurricane. Water has the ability to get into your home quickly should your windows fail you. There are steps you can take to protect your Jacksonville windows during these terrible storms.

Start With Hurricane Film

One of the best first steps that a professional company can help you with is to install hurricane film over your Jacksonville windows. This is going to be a way to help protect your windows without completely boarding them up or something like that. You can leave the hurricane film in place every day, all year-round. The clear and plastic film is going to be able to stick right onto your windows. It is going to help block UV light from coming through your windows and is also going to be able to stop your windows from shattering. The idea with the film is that if your glass breaks, it will stay somewhat in place with the film.

Plywood Also Works

Plywood is another option to protect your Jacksonville windows in a hurricane. This is the most tried and true option many homeowners have gone with for years. A proper installation of plywood on your windows before a storm is going to be able to cover up the windows. You can pre-install plywood for all of your windows if you have a professional come in and fabricate all of the pieces. The plywood is going to be able to protect windows from nasty winds, rain, and so on.

Use Glass Made for Hurricane Winds

One of the more expensive options is to have new Jacksonville windows installed that are made of high-impact glass. These windows can be a bit expensive, but they are going to be built so you do not have to worry about major damage being done to your windows from a hurricane. The glass is going to come in either a single-pane or double-pane depending on what you choose. The tempered glass looks like like a standard window, but is going to be able to truly withstand some serious winds and storms. These Jacksonville windows are the easiest as you just have to have them installed and you are ready for anything mother nature may throw your way. No need to put up plywood hours before the storm hits.

Protecting your home in the event of a hurricane can be a tiresome process. The work that is done beforehand though will help ensure that your Jacksonville windows are going to be able to stand the test of time. Protecting them from the elements before a hurricane hits can help them make it through the storm. Using a professional services company to help ensure they are protected is a great route for any homeowner with Jacksonville windows.