A broken window is a major inconvenience. If a baseball, golfball, hail, or any other item that shattered the window broke through both window panes, you’ll want to act immediately to avoid heating or air conditioning the outdoors. 

If the item only broke through one pane, you have a little more time to figure out a solution, but keep in mind that the window’s ability to insulate the home is still compromised and you’ll still want to act quickly. 

Below are some guidelines to follow in the event one of the windows in your home breaks. 

  1. Clean The Area

Cleaning up the broken glass is the first thing to do after noticing a broken window. It’s certainly possible to clean up the broken pieces of glass by hand, but there are safer and more effective ways to accomplish the task. 

For example, if you fold a paper towel, get it damp, and press it down against the pile of shards, most of the job will be complete. Then, you can use a vacuum to clean up the tiny pieces of glass that are leftover. 

  1. Find a Temporary Solution

There are two options for windows that are cracked and one method for windows that are shattered. 

For cracked windows, you can use glue or nail polish to fill the crack. First, remove any debris or broken glass that is attached to the window. Second, use a paintbrush, toothbrush, or something similar to paint the glue or nail polish into the crack. For the best results, get the substance as deep into the crack as possible. Last, let it dry and then apply another coat (you can repeat this step as many times as you see fit). 

Another method is to cover the crack with clear scotch tape. For the best results, use a piece of tape that is slightly longer than the crack so that the tape extends further than both ends of the crack. 

For shattered windows, you’ll need duct tape, a stapler, and heavy-duty plastic. The first step is to measure the window and cut a piece of plastic that matches its dimensions. Next, use duct tape to attach the plastic to the window. Last, reinforce the duct tape by stapling the plastic into the window frame. 

  1. Call Your Insurance Agency

Once you’ve set up a temporary solution, you’ll want to reach out to your homeowner’s insurance agency before shopping for a new window. Windows aren’t always covered by insurance but if the window is broken as a result of a storm or vandalism, there’s a good chance it will be. 

  1. Have Your Window Repaired or Replaced

After checking in with your insurance, it’s time to reach out to a window professional. A professional contractor can assess the issue and help you determine whether it would be better to repair or replace the window. They’ll ensure that the job is done right and your window is as good as new. 

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