shattered glassUnfortunately, harsh weather is pretty common in the Jacksonville area. This is especially true during the hot, humid summers full of tropical storms and occasional hurricanes. The heavy rains and intense winds that come along with this weather can seriously damage your home and its assets. Important parts of your home like the roof, doors, siding and windows can all fall victim to Mother Nature’s wrath. So, what should you do if your home has suffered damage? Window repair is certainly an option, but not the only thing to consider. 

Have a Professional Assess the Damage

The first thing to do when your windows are damaged is to call an expert, like American Window Products, to evaluate the situation. We’ll help you decide if the windows should be repaired or replaced. Hiring a professional to assess the damage will give you an accurate idea of what the costs will be for a repair vs. a replacement.

Protect it From Further Damage

The next thing to consider is how to protect your windows from further damage. In the event that the glass is cracked and you’re concerned it will completely shatter, carefully use tape or a board to shield the window temporarily. Taking this step before you have a professional take a look will improve your chances of a simple repair opposed to a full replacement. The temporary fix will also give you peace of mind in knowing there won’t be further damage to your home or the people inside it.

Take Action on the Windows

Once the windows are stable for the time being, hire a professional to take the necessary next steps. The professionals at American Window Products can bring the windows of your home back to how they used to be, or better. We have the knowledge and experience that’s necessary to properly assess the situation, come up with a plan and efficiently and effectively execute it.
Harsh weather is unfortunately pretty common in the Sunshine State, which means an increased risk of damage to your home and assets. Whether your windows need a quick repair or are begging to be replaced, American Window Products is your answer. Our team of professionals know how to handle any repair or replacement, and are eager to make your home new again.