bigstock-Entrance-of-a-house-in-Vancouv-34311968.jpgShopping for a new exterior door might seem easy, but there’s a lot that goes into it that most people don’t consider. When it’s time to replace the main entry into your home, you’re replacing an asset that’ll directly affect curb appeal, security, ease of use and energy efficiency.Clearly, it’s an important decision!Replacing your front door is a project that requires you to do your homework. When you partner with American Window Products, the stress is removed from the equation. We’ll explain all the details of every door option, every single positive and negative. Using an expert for your exterior door replacement with help you make a sound decision and give you a much needed peace of mind!


An ugly front door can completely destroy the otherwise gorgeous exterior of your home. You know it and we know it. When it’s time for a door replacement, it’s important to choose a door that matches your home’s style. For example, a country style home paired with a modern front door won’t just look out of place, it’ll look ugly.

The main exterior door shouldn’t just be a reflection of your home’s style, it should SET the style. It’s important to find the right door that’ll sync the rest of the exterior together. Just think about it, the front door is where a person’s eyes typically gravitate.


No matter how good the door looks, it’s worth nothing if it doesn’t provide security. A durable door will last for many years, even in Florida. Our weather gets harsh and the heat can be intense, but a quality door can handle it.

Not only does it need to stand up to elements, the new door should be so durable that no amount of kids, pets or moving crews can damage it. Believe it or not, there are doors that can do just that!

Customer Service Excellence

When you start shopping for a new door, the best choice you can make is teaming up with a company that values customer service. With American Window Products, you’ll get just that. We couldn’t do what we love without incredible customers like you, so making sure you’re happy and satisfied is the number one thing we care about. We’ll help you choose a door that makes the most sense for your home and your family, and provides the most benefits possible. The product you purchase is important, but the customer service you receive will define your experience.

Now do you see how much there is to consider before you buy a new main entry door?! The process can be long and stressful if you don’t team up with the right company. The experts at American Window Products promise to find you a door that provides security, durability and an awesome curb appeal.