What Should You Expect From Your Home Value After Replacing Windows?Any homeowner wants to try and increase the value of said home as much as possible.  We like our homes to be well-kept and as updated as possible.  We do this for our own enjoyment, but also for the value of the home itself.  This is why you would do something such as replace the windows a home, the roof, interior flooring, doors, and so on.  Just how much do these types of improvements actually help to increase that home value though?  After you install new windows, for example, what can and should you expect from your home value?  It is surely going to increase, but by how much?

Replacing the windows of your home is one of the most rewarding home improvement tasks that you can undertake.  Windows do a lot for a home in a variety of ways.  From a security perspective, windows that are built to lock when they are closed and even to remain locked when they are partially open can help with the safety of your home.  New windows are also better for insulation and energy efficiency when it comes to keeping the outside elements from getting in and also for keeping your home at comfortable temperature.  Aesthetically, windows simply make your home look that much more new and that much better.

Understanding the Cost of New Windows

There is a lot that goes into the overall cost of new replacement windows for your Jacksonville, FL home.  The windows themselves from a material perspective are going to carry a pretty hefty price tag with them.  On top of these though you have some other factors that are at play.  You have to consider the labor cost to get rid of your old windows and prepare the space for the new windows.  There also is the labor cost that is associated with having the new windows themselves installed.

From an overall cost perspective the price of the new windows to actually be installed is going to largely depend on your home and its overall situation.  If you are having twenty windows replaced the cost per window is probably going to be cheaper than if you were just having one window replaced.  This is because the labor is already there, they are already set up and ready to go, so it is easy to do multiple windows at once.  On average you can expect the cost per window to be in the area of $250 to $350.

How Much of This Cost Do You Recoup?

So say you are spending $10,000 overall to have all of the windows in your home replaced?  How does that amount translate to the value of your home overall?  The majority of home improvements, believe it or not, do not even come close to increasing the value of your home compared to their cost.  The typical cost to value increase percentage is around 60% to 70% for most home improvement projects.  This means you should expect your home value to go up by around 60% to 70% of what you spent on the home improvement project.  For windows though things are far improved over that number.

Research has found that the value of a home increases by as much as 80% of more compared to the cost fo the windows.  This means if you put in new replacement windows in your Jacksonville, FL home for $10,000, as much as $8,000 or more of that is going to be seen in an increase in your home value.  This is a remarkable statistic.

When you are thinking about home window replacement for a Jacksonville, FL home you are truly trying to get the most bang for your buck.  You want the windows to do their job in terms of improving upon your home’s visual appeal.  You want them to help with energy efficiency as well as with security.  You also want them to increase the value of your home though and that is exactly what they are going to do.  Replacing the windows of your home is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for the value of your home.  The uptick in value that you will receive is almost going to allow you to recover all you have spent on the windows in the first place.