Window InstallationHomeowners love the idea of having the windows in their home replaced. What deters many from going down this path, though, is the cost that goes along with a window replacement project. The issue here is that many homeowners simply do not know what it costs to replace windows in the Jacksonville, FL area. There are many things to consider which we will take a look at to help give an idea as to what the average cost is toreplace the windows in your home.

So what exactly goes into a window replacement project? There is a lot to consider, but the starting point is going to be overall assessment of your home and the structural soundness of the current window openings. You have to factor in things such as the cost to remove the current windows, repair any issues that exist once they are no longer there, and then to actually install and seal the new windows. When we factor all of these things in you can get a much better idea of what to expect price-wise.

Removing the Existing Windows

The starting point of figuring out what your new home windows are going to cost is to think about the removal of your old windows. A contractor is going to have to come in and remove the old windows that are in place. This is going to require them to do some work not only on the exterior of your home, but also the interior. There may also be costs associated with the actual disposal of the windows themselves. Chances are though that the contractor is going to factor in the disposal into the overall cost for the job.

Repairing any Damage Once the Old Windows Are Gone

There is a chance that there is going to be some repair work needed once the old windows are no longer there. The repair work is going to be done to ensure that the home has the structural soundness that it needs. This is going to allow the new windows to be put in without any work about leaks, mildew, cracks in the structure, anything like that. It is very important that you and your contractor have a good understanding of potential costs that could arise out of any damage that is found once the old windows are no longer there. In rare cases, the whole frame may need to be rebuilt in order for the new windows to be properly installed.

Putting the New Windows in their Final Place

The next step is to install the brand new vinyl windows into their resting position. This means ensuring that they fit snuggly into the frame that is there and that the structure can handle the weight of the new window. This is typically the easiest part of the entire installation job as crazy as it sounds. As long as the windows are properly sized, they should be able to be installed fairly quickly.

Sealing the Windows to Prevent Drafts and Leaks

The final step is to ensure that the new windows are sealed into place. This means having the contractor put in work to properly seal and insulate all around the windows. This is going to help reduce any air leaks or any drafts that may seep into the home. It is important for contractors to take their time with this stage of the process as a leak is going to highly noticeable, as will a draft if it starts to creep through.

So what does this all equal from a pricing perspective? There is a pretty wide range in the average price of a replacement vinyl window. Factors will include the difficulty contractors have with any of the steps mentioned above, how your home is constructed, how many windows are being replaced, and so on. You can expect the job to cost around $300 to $600 per window, though, in the majority of cases. This should be a good starting point to help you with the budget that you set for your window replacement project as you start to go down the path of making your home more energy efficient and visually appealing with new windows.