bigstock-Architecture-modern-white-hou-97258886.jpgWindows might seem like a simple concept to an everyday observer, but there’s so much that goes into their construction and maintenance you’d never even guess! If you’re in the market for a window repair or replacement, some terms might get thrown around that you don’t fully know the meaning of. Do you know the difference between a window frame and a window pane? That’s just one of the many basic concepts that might be worth learning before you make the big purchase.

So, what exactly is a pane of glass, and how many should your windows have? Understanding what a window pane is and the benefits of having multiple panes is crucial. The team at American Window Products specializes in window replacement in Jacksonville, and we’ll carefully walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have. If you have a basic knowledge of window terminology before you begin the repair or replacement process, you’ll likely feel more comfortable about the product you’re purchasing and the team you’re hiring.

What is a Glass Pane?

When someone says “glass pane”, they’re referring to the actually sheet of glass that makes up a window. A glass pane is built into the frames of your window to create a spotless view, eliminate air flow and insulate your home.

Panes of glass vary in shape and size from one window to the next. Some panes of glass might have films on them to provide better insulation, which is known as Low-E glass. Other panes of glass will vary in thickness, depending on the quality of the window. As windows age, the glass panes become thinner and more vulnerable to the elements.

How Many Panes of Glass Should I Have?

Here’s a quick answer: More than one. You 100% want multiple panes of glass in your windows, and there are plenty of reasons why. 2+ panes will do a much better job of insulating your home, maintain a desired interior temperature and reduce outdoor noise.

Regarding insulation, two panes of glass will keep the harsh Jacksonville heat and humidity from entering your home. A single pane of glass gives way to unwanted air and rain from entering your home, as well as doing little to nothing to keep out unwanted noise.

When you reach out to American Window Products, we’ll discuss these terms with you and explain anything you might not understand. Our goal is for you to be fully confident in your new window or door purchase, and we’ll go out of our way to make that a reality. When you’re ready for a window replacement, give us a call and we’ll get the job done!