window maintenanceInvesting in shiny new vinyl windows for your Jacksonville, FL home is a great investment.  Windows add a lot to any home.  They can add a great deal of curb appeal, giving your home a fresh new look from the street.  From the interior, vinyl windows can also make things look far more updated and modern than older windows will.  The other benefits of new windows, from added energy efficiency to superior insulation, also come into play.  What you want when you invest in a home improvement such as vinyl windows is that you want to care for that investment.

MAny homeowners want to know what the maintenance requirements are for new home vinyl windows.  This question typically stems from homeowners that are currently living with older windows with the wood frames that are likely broken down a great deal.  So what should you be doing to maintain your new home vinyl windows in your Jacksonville, FL residence?  Let’s take a closer look at a few key areas you need to focus on.  Overall though, maintenance and care for vinyl windows is about as simple as it gets.

Caring for the Window Frames

Vinyl frames are great for windows because of the low maintenance requirements they bring to the table.  You really do not have to do much to make vinyl window frames look great.  There is no painting involved or anything like that which you’ll have with older wooden windows.  If you see some dirt or a smudge on the vinyl frames, simply wash them.  Using a mild and non-abrasive soap with water is the best way to give these a good cleaning.  What you want to avoid is the use of things like acidic cleaners or abrasive soaps that can scratch and do permanent damage to the finish of the vinyl frames.  Once you have done your cleaning of the frames, simply wipe them clean and you are good to go with beautiful window frames all over again.

Keeping the Glass Looking Perfect

There are a few important things you want out of your windows.  This includes clarity and performance.  This is really what it comes down to with your glass.  You want the windows to look terrific and you want them to do their job by insulating your home, but still giving you a window to the world.

Windows are going to get pretty dirty over time and you are going to have to take care of the glass so that everything can keep on looking as great as possible.  The best way to keep your windows clean is with mild dish soap and water, nothing more.  Use this mixture to clean the windows and then rinse them with clean water once you are done.  AFter this, simply wipe dry the glass and they should be shining all over again.

You want to avoid using certain types of products on your glass.  Cleanings solutions such as caustic chemicals and petroleum based cleaners can do a lot of damage.  You also want to avoid using any type of abrasive pad and definitely avoid using a high-pressure water hose.

Last But Not Least, the Screens

WIndow screens are the last piece of the puzzle here when it comes to maintaining vinyl windows.  Cleaning screens is a breeze as all you need is a soft brush along with mild soap and water.  Using the brush with this mixture is going to allow you to get rid of any of the dirt and grime that has built up in the screens over time.  Once you are done with the cleaning you can rinse the screens out with clear water and wipe them down dry.  Doing this is going to allow the screens to act as a nice add-on to the windows while not restricting your view of the beautiful street or backyard outside.

Care and maintenance for vinyl windows is about as easy as it gets.  This is one of the big benefits of upgrading from old windows to vinyl windows for your Jacksonville, FL home.  Upgrading the windows of your home is not an inexpensive home improvement project to take on.  The many benefits that you get from the upgrade though can make that initial price tag well worth the investment.  Just not having to do things such as paint your window frames on an annual basis is going to give you much more free time to care for other areas or the house or have time to take part in hobbies and/or activities that you love.