window decorThe winter months are often seen as a pretty dreary time by so many people. It is getting colder outside and as a result of that bitterly cold weather, things start to change. The days get shorter, with the sun going down that much earlier at the end of each and every day. You are also dealing with a time where your summer vacations are far away and you just need a break. You cannot go outside like you used to, it can be a time that can be a down period for many people. One of the ways to try and pick you and your whole family up is to decorate the house, spruce things up. It is always best to embrace something like winter and all that it represents in a more positive fashion rather than trying to just go through the motions and endure it. One way to decorate is to make those new vinyl Jacksonville windows you just had installed look as good as they possibly can.

Some are great at coming up with ways to decorate their windows, while others simply are not. None of us are going to claim to be decor experts by any stretch of the imagination. When you get creative though, you really will be surprised at some of the stuff that you come up with to make your new vinyl Jacksonville windows look great. These can include ways that you can decorate the glass itself, or dress up around the windows to create some visual appeal on the inside of your home and out. Doing this type of work can go a long way to helping you appreciate everything that winter is about. When you boil it down, winter truly is a great season that should be celebrated, not endured.

Paint Snow on the Glass

There are special ways that you can actually create some artwork right on the glass of your new vinyl Jacksonville windows. If you are unable to do this free-hand what you may want to try and use is stencils instead. If you are still in the holiday spirit you could put up a Christmas tree painted right on the glass of the window. Another option could be to get some snowflakes on there, a snowman, create that winter scene that is probably not going to be an actual reality given that you live in a warmer climate such as Jacksonville. You certainly are not expecting a foot of snow to let you go outside and build that snowman, but you can pretend and show the support for winter in a way such as this.

The way that you color onto the windows is with special materials or paint that is available at craft stores and such. Talk to us at American Window Products and we can help you make sure that what you are going to use is safe for the window. The last thing that you want to do is to cause any damage to the glass.

Create a Scene in Front of the Window

Why not create a winter village right in front of your window? Get a small table that you can place right where the glass of the window begins and dress it up with some fake snow, a little holiday village, and so on. This can create a tremendous vibe that is going to be enjoyed by you when you’re inside of your home, but also by anyone that happens to look outside of the window. A winter village is something that can really set a mood or atmosphere for a home and can help you show your winter spirit.

Dress Around the Window

You can also dress around the window as well. This can be accomplished with unique shades that you may want to try and create on your own or simply go out shopping and see what you can find. You do not have to stick to bland colors or anything like that. Maybe go bright to try and pick up the mood of your home or make it feel warmer than it actually is. To stick with the winter theme, look for one that is maybe more based around snow, skiing, things you want to do in winter.  

Winter is not something that you have to run away from. When you embrace it with quality decor what you are going to find is that the vinyl Jacksonville windows that you had installed recently are actually going to turn into the centerpieces of your home. They will be front and center, adding visual appeal and also uplifting the moods of all with how they are dressed up for the season.