Home ValueHow many times have you heard about someone that does a series of home improvements, only to find that they have done very little to actually increase their home’s value? We complete home improvements not to just make our home look better, but to increase the overall value of it. There are many home appraisers out there who have stories about owners of homes who have been absolutely angry beyond belief about the value, or lack of value, that a home improvement project has added to their home. Thankfully, this is not the case when you are talking about new windows Jacksonville homeowners may decide to purchase.

There is a lot to consider with home improvement projects and the impact that they are going to have on the value of your home. The goal should always be to try and get as much of a return on your investment as you can. This means that if you invest $10,000 in something such as new windows Jacksonville, that you are going to be able to get a good chunk of that money back in terms of what your home’s value is or what it will fetch in the real estate market.

The Type of the Window Matters

The monetary impact that new windows in Jacksonville will have on your home are going to depend on the type of window that you go with. You are going to get a different return on your investment whether you go with a mid-range vinyl window versus more of an upscale vinyl window. The same can be said if you end up deciding to go with a window that has a wooden frame versus the vinyl alternative.  

The Number of Windows Also Matters

You cannot just replace one window in your home and expect the value of your home to go way up. It simply does not work this way. It is about the entire scope of the project from start to finish in terms of touching on every window in your home. The more windows that you replace, the more you are going to get back in terms of the overall value of your home.

So What is the Return to Expect

So what should you expect in terms of a return on investment when you are talking about new windows in Jacksonville? According to Zillow, windows are arguably the most beneficial home improvement that you can make to help your home’s value.

According to the research that was conducted, you can expect to recover roughly 80% of the cost of the windows when you replace all of the windows in your home with new vinyl windows. Replacing 10 double-hung windows with brand new insulated windows could cost around $10,000. With that being taken into account, what you can expect is to get back around $8,000 in terms of an increase in your home value from this work.

Wood windows fall roughly in the same ballpark. What the researchers found with this work that they conducted was that wood mid-range windows actually got back 81% of the cost of the windows that was translated to the home’s increased value. This means that, in the same example above, you can expect to get back $8,100 in terms of your home value increase if you were to spend $10,000 on the new windows. So whether you go with brand new Jacksonville windows that are made of vinyl or wood, you are going to be in very good shape.

The higher that you can get the value of your home, the better you are going to be able to do should you ever decide to put your home on the real estate market. If you want to refinance or do anything like that, having an increased home value is also going to help you with the appraisal value that you get from an appraiser. When you are thinking about your next home improvement project, there is a lot of benefit that can be derived from going with new windows Jacksonville.