Replacement WindowsWindows come in many different styles to match all types of homes. The key when purchasing new windows is to be sure that they go with the overall architecture of your residence. You want them to match, to mesh with the rest of your property and bring out all of its beauty. Let’s look at some of the different types of window options, explain them, and see what fits best for your situation.

Casement Windows

The first type of window option is that of a casement window. These are the windows that are the easiest in terms of opening and closing. Casement windows will open and close in an outward fashion. All that is need to open them is a turn of the handle. So where do these windows fit best? They are usually seen in more contemporary homes from a style perspective. They are also great if you have to put a window in a hard-to-reach location, such as a high up place where you couldn’t open or close the window manually. Above a bathtub comes to mind.

Awning Windows

Another window option is that of the awning window. Awning windows also open and close with just one handle, but they do it in an upward fashion, similar to how a roof looks over your house. These are best suited if you are living with a lot of rain. They can remain open and keep rain water out due to their design.

Double-hung Windows

The double-hung window has quickly become the most popular among homeowners across the United States. They look great in traditional homes and are highly-functional. These windows offer flexibility and ease of use in terms of cleaning. Both the top and the bottom half of the window can be opened. This can allow for some nice ventilation in your home. These are opened by pushing them up or down in a traditional window fashion.

Sliding Windows

The last type of window we will talk about is the sliding window. These require no pushing or pulling in an upward or downward fashion similar to the double-hung. The windows are seen mostly in homes that are of a contemporary style. The sliding window works simply by sliding the window to the left or the right in a horizontal fashion. The nice thing about these windows is that you do not have to reach up or down to open or close them.

As you can see, there are many different window options for you as a homeowner. Knowing the styles and understanding what each means, though, will help you make a decision that suits your home best. You may end up going with a few different window options across your home depending on the rooms and the reachability of each window. New windows can be a big investment, but the benefits they provide in terms of insulating your home and adding appeal make them a worthwhile investment for any homeowner looking to upgrade.