Window ReplacementWhen you have your home windows replaced you are going to experience a great deal of benefits. There is obviously the benefit of your home looking that much more modern and aesthetically appealing. On top of that, the value of your home is going to receive a nice uptick. Energy efficiency gains are also going to be felt, among other things. One of the most common questions that homeowners have thought before pulling the trigger on a window replacement Jacksonville, FL project is how long the project is going to take. They want to get an idea from start to finish how long it will take to get rid of their old windows, have new windows installed, and get everything back to normal.

This is one of the better questions that a homeowner can ask. You always want to have a firm idea as to how long any home improvement project is going to take before you jump right in. Imagine signing on for a company to come in and renovate your kitchen while having no idea as to when they are going to be able to start the work or may actually be able to finish the work.  We at American Window Products are far from strangers. We are experienced professionals that are going to be able to guide you through the process step by step so you can understand and help gauge exactly how long the whole process should take.  

Preparation of the Window Space

The first thing that is going to have to happen is that the window spaces themselves are going to have to be prepared. This means that the old windows are going to have to be taken out and that space is going to have to be cleaned up so that the new windows can go in there. This is going to be much easier if the windows being replaced are on the newer side. As windows get older and older, they become that much harder to take out of the home in a clean and efficient manner. What many of our experienced professionals will tell you is that it can take longer to get the old windows out than replace them with the new windows.

Installing the New Windows

Once the windows are manufactured and the spaces are ready to go we are then going to begin the process of getting those windows into place. This is going to be done ensuring that each window has as perfect of a fit as humanly possible. When we have your windows manufactured they are going to be built for the exact size that you need and with the martial you desire.

Sealing the Windows

The final piece of the puzzle is sealing up the windows from an insulation perspective. With the help of caulking and other materials we can be sure that the space around the windows is insulated so that you do not have any unwanted drafts or anything coming through.

The process of having your new windows replaced can take a day or two for some projects or much longer for others. It all comes down to how complex the job is, how many windows are going to be replaced, and so on. The best thing that you can do is to reach out to us at American Window Products and let us work with you to come up with an estimated schedule to see if it meets your needs.