Nothing really affects the aesthetic and functionality of your home quite like the windows. Optimal window location is key to naturally bright rooms, beautiful paint colors and a calm lifestyle. The windows of your Jacksonville home are one of the very few elements that affect the look of the inside and outside. With the year-round sunshine we’re fortunate enough to experience, it’d be a shame to hide our home from this natural brightness. It’s always wise to seek expert input when selecting window placement. The American Window Products professionals are here with your go-to guide on optimal window location:

Improve the Outdoor Aesthetic of Your House

Newly installed windows are at the top of potential home buyers’ lists. If you plan to list your home but your windows are over 10 years old, you may experience pushback from buyers. Most new homeowners try to avoid home updates when they buy a house. Updated air conditioning, windows and electricity are all big selling points when you plan to sell.


Give your home a beautiful facade with large, energy efficient windows on the front of your house. Optimal window selection and placement do wonders to brighten your house and set an inviting tone for guests. 

Great Window Placement is Key to Low-Cost Utilities

Bold idea, we know. The concept is actually quite simple when you think about it. Your home is exposed to bright sunlight every single day in Jacksonville. You can get clever with your window replacement if you think about the placement differently. For example, windows shaded by large trees during peak hours of the day are protected from harmful UV rays. 


Pay attention to the cycles of the sun for about a week. Make note of the areas that receive the strongest exposure. When you place the windows based on your recon mission, your family can still enjoy plenty of sunlight without damage or overheating. This is a great strategy that keeps your home cooler and protects your interior decor from intense UV.

Choose Windows that Promote Privacy without Blocking the Sun

We’re talking about Hy-Lite Acrylic Block Windows here. These windows are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and walk-in closets. They strike the perfect balance between natural sunlight and much-needed privacy. 


Each block allows sunlight to enter the room while blurring the view from the inside and outside. This is a great option for classic Florida decor and minimalistic, contemporary aesthetics. The two-to-three patterned privacy glass blocks offer all of the privacy you crave, no matter the placement. 

Work with the #1 Window Installation Company in Jacksonville

There’s a reason over 30,000 Jacksonville residents have trusted American Window Products with their homes for decades. We provide honest, top-quality products and services at a price our competitors can’t beat. Our professionals focus on your family’s priorities and lifestyle. It’s our goal to pair you with the perfect windows and doors, every single time. 


If you’re looking for a company with over 4.6 stars on Google, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and qualified team members, American Windows is the company for you. Take a look at a few things some recent customers had to say about us:


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– Bryce, American Window Products Google Review


What a great job American Windows does! They installed windows in my screened lanai at my condo and I absolutely love them. I use this space so much more than I ever thought I would. Absolutely great!

Joan S., American Window Products Google Review

Are you ready to install new windows? Whether you plan to build a home or simply want to update the one you’re already in, American Window Products is here for you. From window selection to window placement, we will help you through every step of the process. Reach out to us here to get started on selecting your new windows.