Hy-Lite acrylic block windows bring benefits for new construction and custom replacement window projects. A lot of our customers seek something different with home windows. And with hy-lite acrylic block windows,they get a unique approach to home window replacement. Your Jacksonville, FL home deserves to stand out. So, let’s explore the benefits of this quality window option!


Ultra Energy Efficiency


The acrylic block windows are known for their fantastic energy efficiency. The blocks of glass composing the windows are double or triple paned in their make-up. The multiple panes of glass prevent drafts and reduce energy loss!


Research has found that these windows are 33% more energy efficient than traditional glass block windows. They are also 70% lighter than glass block windows.


Easy Installation


The acrylic block windows will also come in a frame, ready to be easily installed. The pre-fame manufacturing of the windows means our professionals can install them in no time at all. When our team gets to work on these, we can work quickly and precisely.


You can have windows of all shapes and sizes installed. You can even get a custom design option as well to fit any height, width or form needed. Whatever the needs, they can be manufactured and installed with simplicity.




If you want the home to have more privacy, these may be the windows for you! The privacy patterns in the blocks allow for you to gain needed alone time in the house. You get the patterns without having to do costly add-on window treatments as well. Traditional vinyl windows do not make this quite as easy!


Fresh Air


When people think of glass block windows, they usually do not consider the ability to open them. With these, you can have them be operable. You can enjoy the privacy and the benefits of the Hy-Lite acrylic block windows while still being able to open and close them like you would a traditional window.




The company that manufacturers the windows stands by their product. They are all backed by a limited 5-year or lifetime warranty. You’ll get assurance from the warranty you’re getting a quality product.


Hy-lite acrylic block windows are gaining in popularity for many reasons. Their benefits continue to increase in awareness amongst the masses. If you are looking for a unique approach to your home window replacement project, here is your answer! Our team of Jacksonville, FL professionals can walk you through the benefits and options to add these to your residence today.