Florida is a beautiful state, but because it frequently has hot and humid weather year-round, you need the correct type of windows to handle the climate. Vinyl frames are a popular option for windows, whether single, double, or triple-paned. Because hurricane season takes up a considerable part of the year, many Florida residents choose stylish, functional impact-resistant windows to withstand powerful hurricanes and extreme weather patterns. Let’s delve into some quality window options to enhance your home and ensure it’s a good fit for the climate in Jacksonville. There are more than a few best windows for a hot climate to choose from for your home.


Embracing The Weather In Jacksonville

When you live in Jacksonville, you want to invest in windows that allow a cool night breeze to bring down the heat inside your home. Or, you might want to install coated, multi-pane windows with insulation properties to maintain a temperate indoor climate. During the year, your home needs to be ready for battering winds and rain from tropical storms, summer’s blistering heat and intense sun exposure, and chilly weather and blustery winds in the winter.

Since Jacksonville is a subtropical climate, windows must withstand the typical heat and humidity through the summer and milder winters that are a bit dry. Because window frames and glass panes will contract and retract a bit as the temperature fluctuates, you need durable, high-quality windows. Consider installing some of our selected window options with the best window frame material for hot climates. A vinyl or aluminum frame provides optimal results when the heat is on. You’re sure to find a style of window that can handle the weather, looks good, and increases the value of your home.


Best Windows For Living In Jacksonville

There is no one-size-fits-all window for your Jacksonville home. Whether you have windows facing Western or Southern exposure, or your abode is flanked by cooling trees or water, you’ll want different windows. Before choosing windows, think about the size and layout of your home, where you need ventilation, and how you can improve your security.

Many older homes still feature classic Jalousie windows. These are still one of the best windows for a hot climate with wide louvres, which tilt to open, letting in fresh air from outside. Newer constructions might have fixed hurricane windows with a good airtight seal to keep out the elements but allow natural light to stream through uninterrupted.


Hurricane Ready

When you live in Florida, hurricane season and intense tropical storms come with the territory. It’s no wonder that many homeowners find value in custom Barcelona, fixed hurricane windows or impact-resistant windows to fend off extreme, violent weather. When storms threaten your home and weather patterns turn dangerous, hurricane windows might be able to outlast the chaos.


Energy Efficient Options

When you want to keep cool, it’s not enough to have air conditioning and a pool. Use windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency in Jacksonville without sacrificing quality, style, and privacy. Choose windows for a hot humid climate that use a double or triple pane of glass and include a gas treatment and protective coating.

You want windows that insulate your home from energy loss but have a low-E rating. You might also want to include a solar screen or use inserts or tints to adjust for UV light and solar gain, depending if you want to keep your house warmer or cooler. Add durable, lightweight vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass framing to your windows. These construction materials are optimal choices for Florida windows, and they might be treated or specially coated to survive changing weather conditions year-round.


Versatile Windows

If you have a sun porch or patio leading out to a pool, deck, or backyard, awning, sliding, and casement windows are a good choice. Awning windows open on a hinge, so you can better control the airflow and view from outside. Sliding windows offer a nice alternative to traditional single-hung or double-hung windows that open from the bottom. Casement windows open on a hinge via a crank, gradually increasing how much exposure to fresh air and light comes through.

If you have concerns about privacy or thieves, opt for polycarbonate windows with a vinyl or fiberglass frame. Homeowners feel satisfied with the protection and durability that this window offers. You can also add additional mechanisms or accessories to your windows to limit how far it can open or to lock it. Hinged sash windows for a hot humid climate are also a popular option for homes in Jacksonville that you might find a suitable fit.


Jalousie Or Louvered Windows

Because of the climate in Jacksonville, louvered or Jalousie windows still have their place. These windows for a hot humid climate are unique because instead of relying on shutters or blinds, the windows are nothing more than a set of louvers that can open or close as desired. Depending on how you slant the louvers you can let cool air stream in at night or block stifling hot, humid air during the daytime.


Bay Windows

Choose bay windows to create a beautiful exterior and provide a lovely view of the outdoors from your home’s interior. You can find bay windows that are hurricane-resistant and impact-resistant. These windows also include protective coatings and double or triple panes for optimal insulation. Choose double glazed windows in hot climates for optimal performance.


Bow Windows

Bow windows have a classic look for a traditional home, and if they incorporate double or triple panes, they can prove to be energy-efficient and stylish. Let in the sunlight to warm up your home naturally in winter or keep out cold drafts and rainy weather with little to no effort. Don’t forget to add additional window treatments and accessories to enhance your bow windows and maintain a comfortable ambiance.


Get Style And Function With Premium Windows

You can have it all and get windows for a hot climate that keep you cooler in the hot and humid summer but still protect you from storms and strong winds during the drier winter season. When you live in a beautiful location like Florida, you need windows with unique properties that fortify your home but still allow for proper lighting and adequate ventilation. Whether you desire Barcelona windows, or sliding windows, or love the look of bay or bow windows, there’s one place that offers top-notch service and quality window products. Visit American Window Products to view their selection of windows and accessories for your home.