The first and arguably most difficult decision to make when replacing your windows is who to hire to get the job done. You want the best contractor at the best price, and we don’t blame you. Our awesome crew at American Window Products is your answer for your next home improvement project, and we can’t wait to work with you.


It’s important to hire a contractor who you trust and you’re comfortable with. The best way to find a company to hire for your window repair is to look online and listen to recommendations from your friends. Online reviews and word of mouth shouldn’t be taken lightly, and then say a lot about the reputation of a window company. A great contractor will give you the time and attention necessary for completing your project.


Online Reviews Reveal a Lot


Online reviews reveal a lot about a business. People are typically very honest and candid when they write opinions online. Check out Yelp, Google or a variety of other sites to get an idea about a window contractor before you hire.


Although, we recommend you focus on more than just the rating. Read the words that people write, because that’s typically where you’ll find the most detailed information of previous customers’ experiences.


Get a Customer Service Gauge


When it comes to hiring a company for your next home improvement project, do some digging. It’s a good idea to reach out to each company to gauge their responsiveness, customer service and work ethic. If the company doesn’t work hard to earn you as a customer, they certainly won’t work hard when it comes to actually getting the job done!


Years of Experience and Knowledge


There’s no substitute for experience and knowledge in the industry. American Window Products brings decades of experience to the table, and that’s exactly what you should be looking for. Ask your potential contractor about their past projects to see if any are similar to your own. The more questions you ask, the more comfortable you will be with your final decision. If the company you’re quizzing is experienced, they’ll be prepared for any question you throw their way.


There’s a lot of work you can do before hiring a contractor to ensure you have the best experience possible. Look into their history, dig into their online reviews and reach out to the company. We can’t stress enough how much value you should place on experience, knowledge and customer service. If you do your homework, you’ll end up hiring a contractor who gets the job done right.