Kick Off Spring Cleaning With These Simple Tips

You can find a million different websites that tell you the same general cleaning tips. We’re here with specific advice on how to give your windows that pristine clean you want. If it’s been about a year since your windows were spotless, we know the feeling. It’s stressful to look at a mess (even if it’s smudgy windows) day in and day out but not have the energy to do anything about it. The American Window Products team is here to help Jacksonville families take care of that problem for good.

DIY Window Cleaning Advice Straight from the Experts

Streak-free windows are certainly easier said than done. It’s nearly impossible to remove dust and dirt particles with an average cleaner and rag. Here’s our best advice on how to get perfectly clean windows in no time:

Choose a Sun-Free Day to Start the Process

Believe it or not, the weather when you clean completely affects the outcome of your efforts. Tackling this task during the spring means there’s a good chance you’re dealing with sunny, humid weather.


Hot windows only lead to one thing, and that’s streaky windows. The cleaning solution will leave extremely visible streaks that will be difficult to remove. If the weather doesn’t line up with your cleaning day, simply start on the shade side of your home.  

Don’t Do Anything Before You Dust

Vacuum or brush all dirt and dust from the window panes and frames before using a cleaning product. If the dirt on your windows mixes with the cleaning product, it’ll simply turn into a muddy mixture.


Don’t forget to dust your blinds and curtains. We recommend that you go over both sides with a microfiber cloth before using a liquid cleaning solution.

Use a DIY Solution for that Streak-Free Shine

Pick the right cleaner and cloth and go to town! The more cleaning product the better when it comes to extra dirty windows. When you skimp on the cleaning solution, the first thing you’ll see is streaks. Want to keep your family away from harmful chemicals? Here is a tried-and-true window cleaner to make at home:


  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • ½ cup rubbing alcohol
  • 2 cups water


Pour the components into a spray bottle and write the ingredients on the outside (just to be safe). Use this solution with a microfiber cloth for best results. You can use a paper towel, but they often leave lint behind on your windows.

Skip the Squeegee Unless You Have the Skills

Professional window cleaners swear by them, but everyday homeowners will likely just end up with a mess. Think about it...when you squeeze out the water, where does it go? Yep, straight to a soaking wet mess on the floor.


Squeegees are a great option when you decide to clean the exterior windows. Of course, this can be dangerous if your house is more than a single story. Do some research for local experts if you don’t want to tackle the task on your own.

Accept the Challenge and Clean the Exterior

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right. The obvious disclaimer may go without saying, but better safe than sorry. Do not climb onto a shaky fire escape or thin window ledge to clean your windows.


Bugs, bird poo and summer storms wreak havoc on Jacksonville homeowners’ windows year-round. There are a few easy ways to safely clean the exterior glass. It’s actually a very similar process to cleaning the interior, with a little help from a mop. (Nope, they’re not just for floors!)


Use a dry mop or Swiffer to remove all of the dry dirt and debris on windows you can’t reach with your hands. Next, use your homemade cleaning solution to scrub the glass with the mop end.

If you Identify Problems in the Process…

When you spot cracks in your windows, condensation between panes or nonfunctional parts, it might be time to upgrade your windows. A great way to be sure you’re ready to invest in new windows is to take our Repair or Replace Quiz.


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We’ve learned a thing or two over the past few decades serving the Jacksonville community. The American Window Products team put together that quiz to help make your decision as easy as possible. Still have questions? Reach out to us here.