Replacement WindowsOne thing that is often overlooked when you are thinking about your home is the value that curb appeal brings to the table. There is a lot to be said for curb appeal. When you think about curb appeal, you have to think about the first impression that your home makes for anyone that drives up to it. It is similar to a book that you pick up at the library. You check out the cover and maybe the first page to see if it piques your interest. If it does, you give it a much closer look. In the event that the initial pass by does not catch your attention though, you may just keep on moving along. Curb appeal is the same type of thing at play here. 

So how do you go about improving the curb appeal of your home? There are many steps that you can take to try and give your home a fresh look. You can work on the grass, you can ensure your home is painted, that the plants are watered, trash put away, and so on. Having new home replacement windows can go a long way to helping the curb appeal of a Jacksonville, FL home.

Vinyl Windows Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Older windows in a Jacksonville, FL home have some common traits. Many of them were framed in wood and metal or aluminum. This gave the silver appearance on the exterior of the windows from the street. Around the windows, the frames also would break down over time. Their wood build meant that the wood could crack, that the paint would chip off periodically, and so on. This makes older windows extremely hard to keep up. When you have old windows, your home also just looks old, plain and simple. 

New windows are a whole different story due to the way that they are fabricated. New energy efficient windows in a Jacksonville, FL home are going to have vinyl frames. This vinyl look is going to make the windows appear new and fresh on the exterior and the interior of the home. When you have vinyl windows, your home is going to appear to be much newer than it may be.  It is similar to throwing a new coat of paint on a car or waxing it. New windows truly give your home a fresh look.

Glass That is Far Easier to Keep Clean 

In order to maintain that positive curb appeal from your windows, they also need to be kept clean. Older windows are extremely difficult to maintain from a cleanliness perspective. This is due to the fact that the only way to clean the exterior glass is to either have really long arms to reach out on the other side or to use a ladder to climb up to them. When you have dirty windows you can really do some damage to that appearance of your home from the street.

New energy efficient windows are going to be double-hung. This means that the window can actually pop inward. The end result of this is that you can have very easy access to the exterior part of the window to give it a good cleaning in no time at all. 

A Sign of a Home That Is Well-Maintained

You truly do get brownie points when your home appears to be well-maintained. This is in the appearance or style points as well as in terms of the value of your home. According to the reputable real estate site Zillow and research they conducted, you will recoup roughly 70% to 80% of the cost of new replacement windows in your home value immediately. This is not only due to the benefits they provide in a functional sense but also in a sense of visual appeal. When you update your home and keep it looking great from the street you are giving off a sign that your home is well-maintained and taken care of.

Curb appeal is a major factor in terms of home values in Jacksonville, FL. Replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows can give your home a fresh look and make it that more appealing to anyone that drives by, visits, or stops in for a showing should your home be on the real estate market.