Vinyl Windows.jpgThere are three ways that you can really make your windows have that visual pop for the summer months in a decorative and unique fashion. We at American Window Products have pretty much seen it all when it comes to decorating windows. We have seen people use special paint to actually put some art on the windows. We have seen lights get utilized, klingons, things that get hung on the frames; the sky is truly the limit when it comes to window decorations. Whatever you end up choosing, you want decorations that are going to do one thing, celebrate that start of summer.

Celebrate the Summer with Art

One of the best ways to decorate your windows Jacksonville, FL for summer is to celebrate the time of year with art. This means creating some type of unique display right on the glass of your windows that is a showcase of what it means to be turning to summer. Special paint is created that allows you to craft art right on the glass without doing any actual damage to it or make any permanent markings. Get your kids involved and have them draw out what they are looking forward to this summer.

Incorporate a Countdown Clock

You could also incorporate a countdown clock of some kind that hangs over the window, in front of the window, etc. This can help you and your friends to countdown to the summer starting. It does not even have to be a real-time clock, you could have rings that you pull off as you go day by day.

Unique Curtains

Curtains are another way that you can really dress up your windows for the summer and get rather creative in doing so. They are easy to put up and switch out for all seasons. Talk to us at American Window Products about what kind of window treatments would be best for your windows. 

New vinyl windows Jacksonville, FL should be shown off when you have them installed in your home.  This is especially the case when everyone’s favorite time of year, summer, arrives and you have a group of friends coming on over for some barbeque and fun. Use your imagination when it comes to decorating your new vinyl replacement windows Jacksonville, FL. Think about the options that you have, think outside of the box.