window replacementThere are going to be times as a homeowner when pretty much every asset that constitutes your home is going to require some attention. Whether it be the windows of your home, the roof, siding, exterior doors, these are things that need maintenance and in some instances, replacement or repair. Window replacement Jacksonville, FL is something that we at American Window Products specialize in. What is important is to be sure that you know when you should go about trying to repair that old window versus replacing it entirely. You never want to just waste money trying to repair something that simply is not going to be worth your investment into it.

What are the costs that are going to be associated with repairing the windows that you have in your home? Are the costs that you are going to be putting out for those repairs worth it? How do these compare to just replacing the windows entirely? While you may not be able to answer any of these questions on your own, we are here to help you make these types of determinations so you end up with the quality windows that you need.

Your Windows Are More Than 10-Years Old

Think about the windows that you have in your home and the age of those windows. Do you have windows that are more than 10-years old? This could be the first sign that you should probably replace those windows instead of trying to repair them. Windows have come a long way over the years and the advancements in these windows has resulted in many benefits to your home and your overall comfort level. New windows have the ability to better insulate your home, meaning that you are going to be saving on energy costs and also keeping the temperature right where you want it to be. They are also superior in terms of protecting against UV rays, for security, among other things. When you have old windows, you may be paying more to have them repaired than replaced and you get none of these benefits.

The Glass Needs Full Replacement

When you need to replace the entire glass of the window, it is not a very easy job. Sure, it can be accomplished, but it is just not going to be as good as it was when the window was built with its original glass. This is a sign where you probably going to want to replace the window rather than trying to patch the glass that has been destroyed. We can work with you on this so that you can make this determination based on just how bad the status of the glass has become.

Cracked Framing

What is the status of the framing of the windows? Are the window frames all cracked? Are they wooden frames or the newer vinyl frames? Window frames can be patched, but they may not be able to provide the insulation that you want after they are fixed. Again this gets back to that cost benefit analysis. How much is it going to cost you to repair those frames and are the benefits of those repairs really going to be worth it? New windows are going to have vinyl frames and are going to be built to not crack over time, and better insulate your home.  

We at American Window Products get calls all of the time in regards to repair needs for windows. It is very common for a baseball to go through a window, for a storm to cause the window to break in some way, among other things. We can work with you to do a full assessment of the status of the window. When we do this, we will figure out what is needed to repair the window, if it can even be repaired, and come up with a cost estimate. From there we can help you go through the cost benefit analysis so that you can also see what a new window may cost you out of the gate. Doing this type of work is what is going to help you figure out if window replacement Jacksonville, FL is the right or the wrong route for you to take.