Energy EfficiencyNew home replacement windows in Jacksonville, FL are known for their energy efficiency benefits.  The term energy efficiency gets thrown around far too often though to the point where it can often be misunderstood.  We see an energy efficiency tag on everything from a fridge to a washer or dryer.  We see the tag on a vacuum or an air conditioner.  What does it mean for those items to be energy efficient?  More specifically, what does it mean for windows to be energy efficient in your Jacksonville, FL home?

Energy efficiency is all about making your home do less work.  What this means is that the heating or cooling equipment in your home has to put in less work to get your home to the comfortable temperature that you want it at.  On top of that, it means that your home, once it hits the desired temperature, is going to stay at that temperature for a longer period of time.  It is all about making the interior of your home the safe and comfortable haven that it was always intended to be.  Let’s take a closer look at three major energy efficiency benefits provided by new windows in a Jacksonville, FL home.

Improved Insulation From the Outside Temperature

The first major benefit that new windows provide for a home from an energy efficiency perspective is the improved insulation.  You want your home to be fully insulated from the outside to restrict as much seepage of the outside air making it inside your home.  Old windows were designed to have just a single pane of glass that separated the interior of your home from the outside world.  What this allowed is for that hot summer heat in Jacksonville, FL to go right through the glass and into your home.  This is not what you would call good insulation by any stretch.

New energy efficient windows are going to be able to better insulate the interior of your home.  This is due to the fact that there are two panes of glass instead of one that separates the outside from the inside.  That heat may make it through he first pane of glass, but it will do so in a disipated state.  Once it hits the second pane of glass it is going to be further reduced so it is felt very little or not at all inside the home.

Reduced Energy Costs On a Monthly Basis

We all want to try and cut down on our energy costs on a monthly basis as much as possible.  This is why we always try to run the air conditioning or heat just enough so that we can be comfortable, but not to completely over do it.  When you have new energy efficient windows working by your side in your home you are going to be able to cut down on those energy costs on a monthly basis.  Due to the added insulation the windows provide, there is going to be far less frequent cycling happening of your heating or cooling equipment.  This means less energy that those items are taking up to keep your home at the temperature that you want it to be at.

Strong Window Frames to Seal Out the Outside

So much of the attention for windows goes right to the glass itself.  The frames also play a big role though in the way in which the outside air is sealed off from the inside.  Older wooden window frames can crack and break down over time.  No matter how good of glass you have, the air is going to go right through the frame and cause a lot of damage.  When you have new energy efficient windows with strong vinyl frames, you are going to be able to seal the outside from the inside and help in the energy efficiency area.

Energy efficiency in a home is all about keeping your home at a comfortable temperature while using as little energy consumption as possible.  When you have new energy efficient windows in your Jacksonville, FL home this is fairly easy to accomplish.  Once they are installed what you will find is that they are able to really going to help you on a month-to-month basis with your energy costs and the comfort level of your home inside and out.  Making your home energy efficient is not easy, but starting with new energy efficient windows is a great first step towards achieving that status.