foggy windowLiving in Jacksonville might be awesome for you, but your home is probably taking a beating! When you crank your AC during the hot and humid months (let’s face it, that’s 10 months out of the year), you rely on your windows to keep the cool air in and the hot, sticky air outside. But when your windows start looking a little moist, there might be a problem.

Most people see fog on their windows and think it’s totally normal. Well let me tell ya, it’s not. There are plenty of reasons for moisture build-up, and a few of them are simple fixes.

What Causes the Fog?

To figure out the reason your windows are fogging up, you must first identify where the fog is taking place. Is the fog on the interior, exterior or between the panes of glass?

Fog on the inside of the window occurs when the temperature inside your home is lower than the outside temperature. On a hot, humid day when your AC’s blasting, this is a normal occurrence. The glass naturally becomes the coldest spot in your home, so that’s where the condensation gravitates.

Condensation build-up on the exterior of the window is when the exact opposite situation occurs. When the temperature on the outside is lower than the temperature inside your home, the result is moisture on the exterior glass. This isn’t very common in Florida, but it can definitely happen during super cold nights. Interior condensation is frustrating because it dampens your furniture, window frames and wallpaper.

Moisture and condensation build-up between two panes of glass is when you have a real problem. This is a clear indication that you have an insulation problem with your glass.

Insulation Problems Pose Risks

When there’s fog building up between two sheets of glass in your windows, the obvious answer is likely an insulation issue. Older windows typically allow rain, fog and snow to seep through the seal, which is an easy way to damage your windows and decrease energy efficiency.

If you’re in the market for new windows, it’s smart to shop for windows that’ll block condensation and moisture accumulation. It’ll give you a nice head start on Mother Nature!