Old, broken windowOne of the most frustrating things that homeowners have to deal with is broken, useless windows. Replacing windows is an emergency situation, and it’s common for people to have no clue where to even start. It’s not like you can simply purchase a widow and replace it all on your own. If you’re one of those people who need help with the process, we’ve got you covered. The great team at American Window Products strive to be proactive with every project and always affordable. In order for us to be proactive about replacing your old windows, you have to be proactive about calling us to take care of it!But the real question is, why are older windows so prone to breaking? The answer is simple: Windows are made up of so many different components, and older windows just don’t have the durable parts that modern windows have.

The Condition of the Glass

The glass panes of old windows pale in comparison to the updated, durable glass windows we install everyday. If you have outdated windows in your home, chances are the glass is incredibly thin. If that’s the case, the glass thickness has likely worn down over the years, leaving you with unreliable, flimsy windows.

Glass isn’t made to last forever, and it definitely won’t last in a climate like ours in Jacksonville! The intense humidity and nearly year-round heat take a toll on your windows, and break down the window’s strength. This is one of the main reasons aging windows are more likely to break than newer ones. Outdated single-paned windows have been taking a beating for years, and they’ve finally tapped out on you!

Frame Support

The type of frame and its condition also has to be taken into account. Many older window frames are constructed of aluminum or wood, which are two materials that easily break down. When window frames weather, they can’t provide the necessary support for the glass.

Lack of support is a key reason for windows breaking. When harsh weather or debris impact the glass, strong window frames will keep the glass firm to withstand the pressure. Just like a human body, windows will age over the years and can’t do certain things they could back in the day.

The bottom line is, windows age. When they age, they become weaker and break. Windows have to face intense elements day in and day out, so it’s clear why glass thins and frames crack. It’s important to be proactive in maintaining and replacing your windows, because it’s always better to replace outdated ones in advance!