spotless windowsKnowing what you’re talking about will make window shopping a breeze. American Window Products understands that not everyone is as passionate about windows as we are, so here’s a cheat sheet we’ve made for you. 
Window Apron
You know that piece of wood right underneath the window sill? It’s typically decorative and is built up against the wall. 
Awning Window
An awning window has hinges at the top that allow it to open from the top. Awning windows are most common in smaller frames. 
Bow Window
Bow windows typically form a rounded indentation in the structure. This type of installation includes 2+ windows bowed (joined) together on a radius. 
Combination Window
A combo window has a frame with a self-storing screen. The phrase is commonly referenced with newer storm doors. 
Double Hung
Contains 2 movable panels. The top and bottom window panels both can be pulled inwards, outwards, upwards and downwards. 
The window frame encloses the glass. The frame is stationary and can be made from a variety of materials. 
Laminated Glass
This is a type of glass where the window is made up of two different sheets of glass that have been combined essentially.  The glass is fused together.
A sheet of glass that holds together when shattered. A layer fused between two or more layers of glass. 
Low E Glass
An energy efficient option. A Low E glass coating creates low emissivity. Lower emissivity is beneficial for keeping heating, lighting and cooling costs down. 
The R-value refers to the resistance of the window to heat conduction. Especially important in Jacksonville when trying to keep the inside of a building cool. 
Rough Opening
The rough opening is the space in a wall for a window to be installed  The rough opening is typically going to be larger than the window.
Tempered Glass
Stronger than standard glass.  Composed of glass panels that are heated and cooled in a rapid fashion.
We can’t wait to hear your new knowledge when you call us about your next window installation!