UV ProtectionIt is always important to take the necessary precautions to protect our home and the assets that are inside of it. Think about the lengths that you go to ensure your home is protected. You lock the door when you leave, when you go to bed at night. You may check to make sure windows are locked. If any damage is ever done you take action to fix it as quickly as possible. There are some risks to your home and its assets though that are more hidden than many other dangers. One such risk is that of the UV rays that can beat in through an old set of windows in your home.

Old windows can pose a great risk to the safety of your home. This is due to the fact that as windows get older, they are going to be far more prone to allowing it drafts, water leaks, among other things. The other risk factor with old windows is the make-up of them. When windows were manufactured many years ago, they used to be made of single-pane, thin glass. This was adequate at the time but as we have started to learn, they do very little to protect the interior of your home from the UV rays of the sun. New windows for your Jacksonville, FL home mean better UV protection for your home and its interior assets.

Old Windows and Their Lack of Protection

So what was it about old windows that made them lack in protection from UV rays?  The reason was and is largely due to the fact that the majority of old windows were of the single-pane variety. This means there was only one layer of thin glass that was used to manufacture the windows. New windows are not made this way anymore. Virtually all new windows that are available in the market today are of the double-pane type. This means there are two panes of glass that make up the window. This provides an added layer of protection from the UV rays of the sun as there are two panes of glass for the rays to get through instead of one.

The Damage UV Rays Can Do To Home Assets

Why is it that UV rays can be so risky to the assets in your home?  Think about your skin if you sit outside under the sun for a long period of time with no protection. The damage that can be done to your skin is pretty drastic. The same can be said for the assets inside your home when you have UV rays beating on them. Something such as a couch or a rug can take quite a beating when the UV rays of the sun beam through onto them. This can force that couch or rug to fade over time. The same can be said for hardwood floors, as well as other types of assets that may be in your home.

You obviously cannot put sun protection on the assets, but what you can do is to try and protect them in some other ways.  One such way is to make sure that your windows are doing their job from a protective standpoint.  This means having new windows that have the double-pane protection to block the UV rays as best that they can.

How New Windows Virtually Eliminate the Risk UV Rays Present

New windows can really have a positive impact on the protection that the interior of your home has. This is due to the way that new windows are constructed in this day and age.  New windows are double-paned now and have a glass make-up that makes them far more suited to keep the UV rays of the sun out.  This allows the windows to let through a nice amount of light and even heat in some cases, but blocks out those UV rays from damaging your assets.

New windows are necessary in order to adequately protect the assets in your home.  When you have old windows, you run the risk of the UV rays shining through and doing some pretty drastic damage to your furniture, flooring, as well as well as other items.  With new windows, their double-pane make-up will allow your home to remain protected and comfortable all hours of the day.