Windows can be made from all sorts of materials, each having their own advantages and disadvantages. Most windows are made from one of six materials – wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, wood-clad, and composite. 

Today we’re going to do a deep dive into aluminum windows and discuss their pros and cons.

Pro: Very Durable

Aluminum frames are one of the most popular frames for large windows because they provide strength and structural integrity. The durability of aluminum windows is also helpful here in Jacksonville as it holds up better than other materials against hurricanes, and does not rust. 

Con: Energy Inefficient 

One con of aluminum windows is that they are not energy-efficient. They have a high u-value, meaning they lose a lot of heat. Luckily for us, this isn’t a big deal in warmer areas such as Jacksonville, but it could be a problem in areas with harsher winters.

Pro: Cost-Effective

Aluminum windows are the most cost-effective option. They’re cheaper than wood and fiberglass and are more efficient than PVC. They also require less maintenance than wood which will lead to cost savings over the long term. 

Con: Condensation

Again, aluminum windows have a high u-value. This means that they conduct heat and cold more than other materials. Condensation is a by-product of increased heat transfer. Some condensation is natural, but excess moisture can be damaging over the long term. For this reason, homeowners in colder climates should avoid aluminum windows. 

Pro: Versatile Aesthetic

Aluminum is a material that works very well with paints and powders. It can easily be coated to take on a variety of different available styles (it doesn’t have to look industrial if you don’t want it to). Further, it can be designed to fit almost any configuration or curvature. Aluminum is easy to work with, making the shape of the frame itself extremely flexible. 

Con: Corrosion

Aluminum is a metal and metals corrode when they’re exposed to salt. Twi-Global describes corrosion as, “when a refined metal is naturally converted to a more stable form such as its oxide, hydroxide, or sulphide state, and this leads to deterioration of the material.” On the bright side, it’s possible to clean corroded metal. It can be done effectively with white vinegar, citrus cleaner, or commercial aluminum cleaner. 

Get Your Windows With American Windows Products

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