Hy-Lite Acrylic Block WindowsHy-Lite acrylic block windows are one of the most beneficial options on the market and should be where you turn when it’s time to add or replace windows. Vinyl and aluminum are no longer the only standard options and we recommend exploring the many upsides to Hy-Lite acrylic block windows. 

Double or Triple Paned

Hy-Lite acrylic block windows are extremely energy efficient. The unique design of these windows aids in reducing energy waste related to your air conditioner and heating units. 
This type of window can be either double or triple paned. The extra panes assist in energy efficiency and noise reduction. 

Warranty Gives Peace of Mind

An impressive five-year warranty comes standard with Hy-Lite acrylic block windows. American Window Products wants you to feel good about your purchase and enjoy the benefits of a maintained product! We are proud to take care of any repairs or replacements that may occur under warranty.

Lighter for Easier Installation

Hy-lite acrylic block windows are lightweight, which creates multiple benefits. The design allows more natural light into your home while still being energy efficient. 
Additionally, the installation process will be quicker because of the lightweight structure. More time for you to enjoy the beauty of a naturally-lit home!

Shapes and Size Options

There’s no shortage of customization options when it comes to this type of window! American Window Products will work to install a window that fulfills your vision.  
Hy-Lite acrylic block windows should be the first choice for any custom home or building project. We’d be happy to walk you through the benefits. Trust us, the list is long!