Multi-story home with windowsThere are plenty of factors to consider if you’re in the market for new windows, and some have nothing to do with the windows at all! Aspects of the process pertain specifically to the building or home, but are just as important as the actual windows. Think about a multi-story home, for example. What type of windows would be best for this type of building? Does the material of the windows matter? These are important questions that need to be answered before you make any big decisions.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s super difficult to clean windows on the second or third story of a home if they’re not the right type. When choosing new windows, you want to pick a design that doesn’t force you to dangle outside the window or use a ladder to wipe them off. It’s dangerous and it’s inconvenient. If you install standard single-hung windows, this will be your reality.

Double-hung windows on a multi-story home make cleaning the exterior glass much easier. These windows are designed to swing inward toward you to make cleaning quick and easy. Although, the type of frame used is important, too. Wood frames aren’t ideal because the paint will easily chip, resulting in constant maintenance. Vinyl windows have no such requirement, which means there’s no need to climb a ladder and paint them once or twice a year.

Durability of the Windows

The durability of the windows is also something to consider before installing new windows in your multi-story home. Durability is all about how well the windows can stand up to heavy storms, high winds and other rough outdoor elements. If durability is important to you, and it should be, you should definitely lean toward double-paned glass. Two layers of glass, opposed to one, will give your windows added durability to protect the interior of your home in any weather. In a multi-story home, the windows in the upper floors will experience more wind. The added durability of double-paned glass will get the job done.

Installation Ease

The ease of installation associated with certain windows is another aspect to focus on. If you select the right type, your windows will be installed faster with less expensive labor. Selecting the right windows for your multi-story home makes room for easier installation and simple replacements.

The windows of a multi-story home have much different needs than those in a single-story. Certain factors, like durability, maintenance and installation are even more important when selecting windows for a 2+ story house. The experts at American Window Products will make sure you choose the best windows for your home that’ll do their job and save you unnecessary time, stress and money.