bigstock-Detail-of-front-of-a-nice-hous-61517459.jpgMost people don’t know this, but there are hundreds and hundreds of options when it comes to choosing materials for a front door replacement. But with so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to navigate the selection. We’re gonna give you a little cheat sheet to use during your next project. When it comes to entry doors, the most popular materials on the market are fiberglass and steel. American Window Products will walk you through the entire process, from selection to installation.

Fiberglass = Big Results and Low Maintenance

When you think of fiberglass, you should immediately think of top-quality, low-maintenance and countless benefits. When you install a fiberglass door in your home or office, you’ll get a beautiful door that can even imitate the look of natural wood. They’re extremely customizable when it comes to size, shape and stain. Whether you want red, purple, white or a wood look, fiberglass is the best choice. Another awesome perk of fiberglass is that is resists dents and rust. These doors will last for years with very little maintenance.

Steel = Strength and Durability

Steel has two distinct traits that make it a practical option for a home or business, and those are strength and durability. When it comes to the strength of steel, it’s virtually unparalleled. And if your new door is in a locations that’s prone to getting dents and dings, steel does a great job of resisting impact.

A steel door can be painted any color your heart desires and will have a smooth, attractive look to it, unlike the textured surface of a fiberglass door. These sturdy doors have better fire ratings than fiberglass doors and many other materials, but also run the risk of rusting. They’re also considered to be more secure than fiberglass because of their incredible strength. Steel doors are a great option for a space with a more modern look.

Both fiberglass and steel are awesome options for your next door replacement in your home or business. It all comes down to the benefits you’re looking for and the look you’d like to achieve. Our team at American Window Products will analyze your situation and help you make the best decision.