Home improvements projects can quickly go over budget if you aren’t careful. The only real method for keeping costs low is self-control. While we can’t give you that, we can certainly give you professional advice on affordable window choices and window installation. The amount you spend on new windows all comes down to square footage, design preferences and your home’s location in Jacksonville. It’s our job at American Window Products to equip you with the knowledge to point you in the right direction. 

Decide on Your Favorite Design Before You Select a Specific Model

This basic first step can be stressful if you’re new to window shopping. One of the most important reasons to partner with a pro from the get-go is to avoid tedious research and unfortunate mistakes. Here’s a breakdown of window design options:


Bay: A great spot to place a window seat; a nook that is added to the home 


Picture: large, stationary panes of glass perfect for great views and natural light


Awning: The hinges are placed horizontally at the top of the window opening, allowing the window to be pushed open


Transom: Small sliver of a window above a door or walkway


Single-hung: Half of the window is stationary while the other half slides open


Double-hung: Both the top and bottom slide open


Sliding: move horizontally (from left to right) along a track


Casement: Side hinges allow the window to be pushed out or pulled in to open

Understand the Affordable Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Our mission is simple — to provide Jacksonville homeowners the best quality windows within their price point. The good news is, vinyl windows are typically the answer for price-conscious shoppers. New windows are an investment, making a quality selection and window installation even more important. 


Before you begin to consider ways to cut costs, it’s crucial to understand that window installation is not a DIY job. When you begin to shop around for new windows for your Jacksonville home, poor installation eliminates the perks of new vinyl windows. All of the benefits of updated, energy efficient windows rely on the expertise of professional installers. 


What benefits, exactly? Here are a few key features that vinyl windows offer:


– impressive energy efficiency gains to keep costs low

– a durable design that reduces damage potential

– customizable design options that elevate your home’s aesthetic

Smart Window Features Keep Operating Costs Low

Strategic homeowners consider energy efficiency techniques when they invest in new windows. While you’ll automatically reap benefits from a quality windows design, there are still a few things you can do to save even more money. Low E glass, multiple panes and top-quality frames are key aspects of energy efficient windows. Unsure what we’re talking about with “Low E glass”? You’re not alone. We’re here with a straightforward definition of one of the most important window features on the market. 


Low E glass is a transparent coating we apply to your new windows that minimizes heat transfer without disrupting natural light. This simple perk helps better regulate your home’s temperature and keeps operating costs low. The American Window Products professionals offer a free Low E glass coating on select models. Ask us today about which windows quality for this promotion.

Make a Quality, Affordable Window Selection that Lasts for Years

30+ years of window installation in the Jacksonville community has taught us the true meaning of top quality materials and service. When our team goes to work, we work to improve your family’s quality of life through lower bills and better benefits. Smart window features and professional installation keeps your costs low long-term and short-term. 


…always on-time, professional, courteous and they paid great attention to detail. They sealed up around all the new windows and went above and beyond the call of duty. The new windows are beautiful and I experienced the benefits of the new energy efficient windows day one! I commend Jonah and Josh for a job well done, thank you gentlemen, pleasure doing business with you!

– Renee D., American Window Products Review


If your home desperately needs a window update, we’re here to help. Contact the American Window Products team today to schedule your free estimate. Plus, we offer free installation on six or more windows! The choice has never been easier.