Window SecurityThere are so many benefits that go along with new windows in your Jacksonville, FL home that is easy to overlook one or two. The majority of homeowners immediately think about the benefits that new windows provide from a visual sense. Some will think about all of the energy efficiency potential and the money savings that go along with that. Resale value is another strong consideration to make in terms of how the windows improve your home. One thing that is often forgotten about, but should be, is the added security new windows provide.

Safety is of the utmost importance to anyone whom owns a home. You want your home to be as safe and sound as possible. This means that when you are in it you do not have to worry quite as much about any trespassers getting in, burglars breaking in while you are away, and so on. There are a lot of security benefits that go along with new home windows that are just not possible with your current older windows. These benefits can help make your home that much safer from the inside and out.

Reinforced Glass Helps Keep Trespassers Out

Think about the old windows that are currently in your home. Just how thick is that glass, really? If you were to give it a good bang, is the glass simply going to shatter? This is the case for the vast majority of homeowners with older single-pane windows. These windows were great for their time, but the reality is that they do not really provide much in terms of security. If a ball were to hit the window, chances are it is going to smash. Newer windows that are installed in Jacksonville, FL homes are going to have reinforced glass. This double-pane reinforced glass is going to be able to withstand far more pressure and force than your older windows will. This means it will be much more difficult for someone to force their way into the window than it would be if you had the old single-panes still in place. This adds a level of security that can give you peace of mind around the potential of someone breaking in while you are away or even at home.

Window Alarms Can Alert You and Neighbors When There is Trouble

Newer windows typically will not come with alarms typically but their build makes it much easier to have window alarms added. These little window alarms can do a lot of good when they are added with the new windows youend up getting. So what do these alarms actually do? They are typically tiedto a larger alarm system that is linked with doors and such, but they do not have to be. The whole idea is for the alarms to trigger when they are opened by an intruder. The point here is for them to either notify you via the system they are hooked up to, or at the very least make noise that would alert you and the neighbors when there is trouble. This should not only alert
you, but also scare any potential burglar away immediately.

Window Locks on New Windows Help Add a Level of Security

How many times have you tried to install window locks on your old windows? They never come out right. You can try as hard as you want but chances are they won’t line up perfectly and even when they do, they are not as good as locks that are installed with the windows themselves. New windows have a lock system with them that is pretty impressive. What the system does is that it allows the windows to be locked shut when they are closed. A secondary set of locks, though, will allow you to open the windows only to a certain point as well. These locks let you keep the windows open four or five inches, but lock them in place at that point. This is to prohibit anyone from just swinging a window open and coming in your home, just because they see it is cracked.

Safety and security is always important to homeowners. The safer your home is, the more peace of mind you will have when you are in your home or on vacation away from it. New windows can provide a lot of benefits from a security sense. With the locks they provide, the stronger glass compared to your old windows, and the potential to add alarms to them, you will be able to protect your home from any intruders or trespassers far more effectively than in the past.