Every Floridian is all too familiar with the brunt of a hurricane. With storm season on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to protect your investments. High-cost items like your home, car and boat all deserve a little pre-hurricane TLC. The right safety precautions can be the difference between a safe home and an unsalvagable home. Is your property prepared for harsh wind, flying debris and intense rain? The American Window Products is here to help. From windows to water bottles, here’s everything you need to do before the next hurricane arrives:

Reinforce Exterior Doors

Flimsy or damaged doors are just as vulnerable as outdated or obsolete windows. Our best advice is to treat your front, side and back doors like you would your windows. First, cover the glass with plywood to prevent cracks. Ensure a professional installs the door with three hinges and a deadbolt for the right amount of support. 


Antique doors likely require pre-storm repairs and additional protection. Many homeowners in historic parts of Jacksonville, like Avondale and San Marco, love the charm of the original doors in their homes. We absolutely understand! Preserve the beauty of these decades-old, solid wood doors with a full layer of plywood and tape over any exposed glass. Alternatively, consider investing in a new, durable fiberglass door to protect the interior of your house. 

A Stocked Storm Kit Keeps Your Family Safe

This is one step you just can’t forget. If you and your family plan to lockdown and ride out the hurricane, ensure you have all the supplies on hand you may need. Work with your family members to organize a kit of food and supplies. A plastic storage bin is a great way to preserve freshness and protect your items from water and rodents. 


Include a flashlight, batteries, first aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable food, extra cash, a list of important contact numbers and copies of important documents (marriage certificate, birth certificates, passports, deed). This kit allows you to stay comfortable while you hunker down or get out of town quickly in an emergency.  

Secure Your Lawn to Prevent Added Damage

Stray tree branches, lightweight chairs and lawn debris are primary causes of damage to homes during a hurricane. A simple way to improve your chances of an unscathed home is to clean up your lawn. 


Remove any and all loose items and place them in your shed or pool house. Don’t forget about gardening tools, pool equipment and lawn chairs. The goal is to minimize the amount of stuff that can easily fly into your home or a neighbor’s home. 

Last But Not Least, Protect Your Windows

Windows are one of the most important investments you can make in your home. The last thing you need during storm season is shattered windows and cracked frames. Just like the roof, your windows still serve an important purpose during a hurricane. Ensure they’re in tip-top shape to keep water and debris outside your house. 


We offer Astro Guard and Astro Flex hurricane fabrics to protect your property from expensive damage. An alternative lower cost (yet labor-intensive) option is DIY plywood, with costly storm shutters another choice on the other end of the spectrum. Storm shutters are permanently attached for easy access when a storm hits. Regardless of the option you choose, protect your windows from storm damage.  

Don’t Neglect to Prepare Your Home this Season!

We all understand the risk a strong storm poses. While not every hurricane that comes through is debilitating, it only takes one CAT 4 or 5 to destroy your home. Be proactive about your hurricane protection. At American Window Products, we understand hurricane season and want to help our customers protect their homes. 


We provide windows and doors to residents of Jacksonville. Contact us today to find out the best options for your property this season.