Your home has a definitive first impression, and it is the front exterior of your house. During the winter holidays, many people add extra decorations to give their home a warm, inviting feeling as they celebrate with family and friends. But have you ever considered adding decor throughout the year to increase the curb appeal of your home? Below, we have listed some great ideas for different seasons and holidays to upgrade your exterior home decor with creative window designs.


Wreaths are a classic go-to decoration for any season. In the spring, a wreath full of light, spring flowers creates a warm, inviting first impression as neighbors begin to emerge from winter.

Consider using fabric and bows either to hang your wreaths or use as decoration on their own. And get creative with your design — in the fall, wreaths full of colorful leaves, corn stalks, or small pumpkins welcome in a season of thanksgiving.


Another way to dress up exterior windows is to drape decorative garland across the top of every window. In the spring, a few pieces of eucalyptus garland over each of your front windows can make a beautifully lush first impression of your home. In the summer, colorful dried flower garlands can add all of the rich colors of summer to your exterior decor.


Quality flags for special holidays can last for years as window decorations. In the summer breeze, solid-colored flags can add a gentle movement to your home’s exterior — just pick a color that matches the exterior of your home to create an eye-catching, colorful design aesthetic.


Adding lights to your windows is not just for Christmas. In the winter months, the warm glow of electric candle lights in your windows keeps out the cold and welcomes you into a warm, cozy feeling inside your home. Halloween can be another great time to get creative with lights in your windows. Orange and purple string lights or strobe lights can create a festive and spooky experience for trick-or-treaters.

Flower Boxes

A great way to highlight your windows is to add permanent flower boxes. Once installed, you can easily add many different decorative items to them, not just flowers. Ivy is a great, luscious plant to cascade out of a flower box or add in a few colorful annual flowers every few months according to the season. Flower boxes can also display pumpkins and corn in the fall or patriotic flags in July.

Seasonal Decor

So many of our activities and celebrations are centered around the four different seasons. A great way to create an inviting home is to add window decorations reflecting the seasons. March is a great time to usher in spring by planting new bright-colored spring flowers in window boxes. In June, consider placing decorative beach shells shaped like a wreath on the exterior of your windows to welcome in the summer season. And then, in September, hang fall foliage garland above your windows to celebrate a change towards the harvest season. And finally, electric candles in the windows or pine wreaths with red bows are a classic decoration for the merriest time of year.

Holiday Decor

Another way to change your home’s exterior decoration is to line up your window trimmings with specific holidays. On July 4th, pleated fan flags are a commemorative take on a classic flag decoration. On St. Patrick’s Day, bright green fern wreaths can create a festive first impression for a holiday party.

Another option for holiday design is hanging silhouettes of specific shapes in your windows, shining a light behind them to expose the outline. For example, at Halloween, hang the shape of a bat in each of your front windows, but leave the lights on in the interior rooms to create both the visual outline of the bat as well create a welcoming environment for young trick-or-treaters. Or on Cinco De Mayo, hang some Papel Picado garland in each of your windows so that when the light shines through, you can see all of the beautiful traditional cut-out designs.

If you begin to decorate your windows and have trouble opening them, see any broken glass, or find cracks around the edges, American Window Products can help you make sure that you have beautiful, functional windows. We are always here to help. Give us a call at (904) 667-0873 to schedule an in-home estimate appointment.