Old House With MoldOne of the biggest things that can have an impact on the state of a home is the growth of mold.  Once mold begins to grow in a home it can spread quite rapidly and create a lot of issues that are hard to rectify.  The best way to deal with mold is to work to prevent it entirely.  Just like most risks we face in our daily lives, prevention is usually a better approach than detection at trying to avoid any problems that may arise.  When it comes to old windows,it is important to know the risks associated with them and potential mold growth in your Florida home.  New home windows, to say the least, can go a long way to fighting mold growth.

Homes with old windows bring with them some risks that may not jump off of the page for you right off of the bat.  When you think of old windows you may think of things such as having a home that is not properly insulated.  You may think of drafts coming through, heat from the sun in the hot Florida summers, and so on.  What you may not think of, though, is mold growth.  Mold in Florida homes growth potential is a real consideration that has to be made and one that can have a negative impact on your home in no time as a result of your old windows.  Let’s take a closer look at how this can happen and why replacing your home windows is so important.

Moisture Builds on the Window Frames

Older windows are going to likely have frames that are made of wood.  This is contrary to the more popular vinyl windows that many homes have today.  When you have older windows with wood frames, the moisture is going to be able to build up around the wood over time and begin to seep into it.  Saturation of moisture into wood is what can allow mold to grow.  This is especially the case if the window frames have cracks in them or have not been properly sealed and painted via regular maintenance.

The moisture build-up on window frames does not have to be a concern with new home replacement windows due to the vinyl make-up of them.  Newer vinyl windows are going to be able to deal much better with moisture so that nothing saturates, nothing seeps into them.  The water is kept where it is supposed to be, on the outside.

Water Leaking Through

Mold growth is a product of moisture being able to come together and stand still in an area where it can form together.  The bacteria that is mold grows off of moisture being present, as well as humidity.  WHen you have water leaking through your old windows you run the risk of creating an environment where mold has a chance to grow.  This is more likely to happen with older windows that are not going to provide the seal that new windows will provide.  Water leaks are a major concern among homeowners.  When you have water leaks you are allowing moisture to build up and seep into the areas of your home where it simply is not meant to be.

Giving Mold a Chance to Grow Quickly

The speed at which mold can grow is quite remarkable.  If you talk to any water damage restoration professional, they will tell you that you want to get a mold problem dealt with as soon as possible.  When water gets into your home, it is best to get a water damage professional on-site within 48-hours of the problem creeping up.  This is all that mold needs to have a chance to begin to form together and grow.  Once mold forms, it can be much harder to get rid of than preventing it in the first place.

New home replacement windows can help you prevent mold from ever growing in the first place.  With new windows that adequately seal the interior of your home, you do not have to worry about mold ever forming in the first place.  The water from the rain will be kept outside and your home will be kept dry and comfortable.  New home replacement windows for your Jacksonville, FL home not only look great but they can go a long way to really preventing mold from having a chance to make its mark.  This is just one of the many benefits that new home replacement windows can provide for your Florida home.