Home with updated windows and doorIt makes so much sense to group home improvement projects together, yet we always hesitate to actually do it. The budget and planning associated with big projects are the biggest reasons for this. But when it comes to certain projects, it’s not always rational. A great example of a scenario when it makes MORE sense to take on two jobs at once is replacing your front door and windows. Here’s why:

The first step toward making this a painless, stress-free process is to find a company with the knowledge and expertise to complete both tasks with precision, effectiveness and efficiency. This is where American Window Products comes in! We have the skill and ability to do both jobs at once, and do them well. After you find the right guys for the job, you’ll experience the money you’ll save by doing both projects at once. It definitely makes more sense than doing them separately, that’s for sure.

The Aesthetic Benefit

One of the biggest benefits to taking on two projects is the immediately improved appearance of your home. From a design standpoint, it’s important the aesthetics of your home are in sync. What better way to coordinate designs than doing them at the same time by the same people! Windows and front doors either compliment each other or make the entire house look run-down. Making improvements on both at the same time ensures your home looks great.

Financial Savings

Although you’ll still be paying for both projects, there’s much more room for savings when you do two projects at once, especially when it comes to labor costs. There are fixed expenses associated with both projects, such as the house call, equipment set-up and prep work. But when you already have experts on-site and ready to work, the expense is greatly reduced.

Energy Efficiency, Realized

We all want better energy efficiency in our home. Because better efficiency=lower energy bills. Duh. Energy efficiency is all about giving your heating and cooling systems a break while they still provide plenty of power. When you replace/repair your front door and windows together, you’ll immediately see a boost in your home’s efficiency.

Replacing a front door and your home windows at the same time might seem expensive and stressful, but when you start to see the benefits, it really does make sense. The smart, honest people at American Window Products can assist you with both of these projects in sequence, so the benefits can be experience in full.