No one loves to start a new year (much less a new decade!) with a long to-do list of expensive home upgrades. Necessary projects like appliance replacement, window installation can be stressful and expensive, but immensely pay off down the road. It’s no secret windows eventually reach the end of their lifespan in Jacksonville homes and offices. 


If your current windows are eight or more years old, you’ve likely begun to experience a few issues. From moisture build-up on the glass to malfunctioning locks, there are a few surefire ways to know you’re due for an upgrade. When you’re proactive about replacing them, you’ll quickly begin to experience the benefits. Here are a few clear signs it’s time to invest in new windows this year:

Broken Windows are Begging for an Upgrade

Malfunctioning windows aren’t always obvious. Breaks don’t have to be a massive crack across the glass or moldy panes. Sometimes, it’s as minimal as a small amount of moisture. Unfortunately, minor issues still cause serious problems. 


Poor energy efficiency, lack of security and exposure to outdoor elements are all common problems that result from broken windows. Unfortunately, a simple fix like putting tape over a crack just delays the inevitable (and costs money in the interim!). If you have one or more broken windows, it’s time to get serious about replacing them. American Window Products -- Jacksonville’s leading window company -- will recommend the best windows for your home, lifestyle and budget. 

Don’t Make Sacrifices When it Comes to Security

It doesn’t matter if you live in the safest neighborhood in Florida, your home is still a target for prying burglars. If the locks don’t operate or the windows don’t easily open and close, your windows aren’t providing the security your family needs.


Twenty-first-century window designs provide maximum security benefits while boosting your home’s energy efficiency. Multiple panes of glass and high-quality frame materials are nothing without top-quality installation. It’s common to take shortcuts in an effort to cut costs during home renovations. When it comes to your windows, always hire a professional. Trust us, it’ll end up costing you in the long run. 

Pricey Utility Bills don’t have to be Permanent

Do you sense your family pays too much every month to operate your home? Do a little research to find out the average cost of energy bills for a house like yours. An online usage calculator factors in details like square footage and household appliances to help you understand the cost you should pay monthly for your utilities. 


One of the best ways to lower your energy bill is to replace your windows. Outdated windows lack basic energy efficiency benefits. A Low-E glass coating, multiple panes of glass and modern frame materials are all important components of an energy-efficient home.  

Outdoor Noise Interferes with Your Indoor Relaxation

Believe it or not, you aren’t supposed to hear cars drive by or the neighborhood kids playing in their yards. Older windows often have thin panes of glass and cracks around the edges. Little problems like this mean loud noises flowing into your home. 


Other than construction work or screaming kids, there are very few noises that should leak inside. Contemporary window designs are a surefire solution to a noisy home. It’s important your new windows are expertly installed to eliminate any gaps around the frame. 

Update Your Home with the Help of Jacksonville’s Leading Window Experts


The American Window Products professionals are here to take care of your window replacement project. We’re ready to evaluate the condition of your current windows and provide advice on which window selection is best for your family, Jacksonville home and budget. 


The installation was quick and professionally done with no mess whatsoever. I have had a lot of companies not show up, not have the right equipment, or leave a mess behind.  This company did none of that. The pricing was much better than expected. They are an A+ team!

- Bryce, American Window Products Review

Our team works around your schedule, desired aesthetic and budget. We’ve worked hard for the Jacksonville community for over 30 years and can’t wait to work with you in the future.