bigstock-Window-64499-1.jpgOne thing that pretty much every single homeowner is going to agree on is that they would love to cut down on their bills every single month. No homeowner is ever going to say that they are happy when they get a bill in the mail or look at the bill and see just how much it cost. This is especially the case when you are talking about energy costs. Energy costs continue to be on the rise. We spend a lot of money every single year on energy to help to either heat or cool our home. Anyone who lives in the Jacksonville, FL area knows this all too well as those air conditioners have to crank all July and August just to try to keep the house at a reasonably comfortable temperature. When you replace the windows of your home, you are going to be giving your home a boost in the energy efficiency department. This can lead to money savings potential that can help to offset the initial cost of the home improvement project.

Realizing money saving potential with new home replacement windows requires you to understand why and how the windows save you money. You need to understand just how the windows that you are having installed in your home are going to work to not only better insulate your home, but turn that added insulation into money savings opportunities that are going to lead to lower energy costs on a month to month basis. It is all about the way that new windows are manufactured in this day and age. We at American Window Products work with only the best window manufactures in the world so that you can start to realize all of these great energy efficiency benefits as soon as the installation is complete.

How Old Windows Drain Energy

Older windows in a home can be a real drain on any type of energy efficiency levels that you were hoping your home would have. This is due to the way that older windows were manufactured. It was not too long ago that the vast majority of home windows all had wood frames. The glass of the windows was just a single pane and nothing more than that. As time went by, it would become easier and easier for the air to simply pass right through these two things. The frames would begin to crack and leave gaps or openings for the air to go right through. As for the single pane of glass, that little tiny layer of glass is not going to do much when it is sweltering heat outside or freezing temperatures in the winter months. That air is going to come right into your home. Due to this limited insulation, what you will find is that the heating and/or cooling equipment has to work that much harder to get the job done.

Energy Efficiency Gains From the Frames

When we come in and conduct a window replacement Jacksonville project we are going to be able to show you a great deal of energy efficiency gains from the frames of the windows alone. The vast majority of the windows that we are now installing are going to have frames that are made of a material that is known as vinyl. This is a great material for windows as the vinyl frames are not going to crack or rot over time. This means that you are going to have a great level of insulation from these frames, far superior to what you used to have.

Double Pane Glass

The other great benefit in the energy efficiency gain department is with the glass of the windows. We now install windows that have two or sometimes even three panes of glass. These extra panes of glass are going to provide added insulation to the interior of your home. This is going to help to better regulate that inside temp. When it is in the hot summer months and your air conditioner keeps having to cycle on and off, it will be able to take a bit longer of a break because it will take that much longer for the heat from the outside to work its way in.

The energy efficiency gains from window replacement Jacksonville are all about saving you money month to month. When you work with us through a window replacement project we can help you understand from start to finish the many benefits these windows will provide, from an energy efficiency standpoint and much more.