Jacksonville homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to maximize their living space. When we live in a place as beautiful as Florida, it’s important to reap the benefits of our real estate. While an outdoor living area is the obvious choice, you can’t forget about the muggy summers and thirsty mosquitos. All it takes is a vision and a little help from the pros to create a glass enclosure that creates a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space. Here are our favorite reasons patio enclosure installation could be right for your home:

Enjoy Your Enclosure All Year ‘Round 

Jacksonville weather fluctuates from screaming hot to unbelievably frigid. If you have an open air patio or deck off your home, it likely won’t get put to use for at least half the year. A glass enclosure changes that right away. When patio enclosure installation is done correctly, you reap the benefits of a sunroom without lost energy efficiency or comfort. 


A glass enclosure regulates the indoor temperature while you sit and enjoy the views of Mother Nature. Imagine sitting on your glass-enclosed patio with the trees swaying around you and the big game on TV. You just can’t beat it. 

Keep Critters and Pests Outside Where They Belong

Irritating bugs and amphibians are two of the top reasons to seal in your patio. All it takes is five minutes in the Jacksonville heat to develop a hatred for mosquito bites and darting lizards. It’s so difficult to enjoy a nice evening outside when you’re getting eaten alive by mosquitos! When you pair a glass enclosure with weather-tight screens, you can keep the bugs out, enjoy your bonus space and appreciate itch-free skin. 

Appreciate Your Views (No Matter the Weather)

Rain is a fact of life for Floridians. Afternoon sun showers, harsh hurricane conditions and everything in between strikes our coast year-round. Unfortunately, it’s not just the rain that makes the outdoors uncomfortable. Lingering humidity and stickiness is possibly even worse. A glass enclosure is all you need to put your added square footage to use, on even the ickiest days. 


The primary issue with an outdoor patio is the limited amount of time you can enjoy it. While patio enclosure installation isn’t the cheapest, you should consider it an investment. Your family immediately reaps the benefits, while future home buyers will often pay extra for a fully-equipped outdoor space. 

Partner with American Window Products to Transform Your Outdoor Living Area

A porch or patio enclosure is a no-brainer for Jacksonville homeowners. Whether you just invested in a patio or you inherited one from previous owners, your clear next step to an enclosure. The experts at American Window Products will create a custom glass enclosure that fits your vision for your outdoor area.


"They put in 11 windows in one day! Very professional crew & salesman, Roger. I will recommend to others. Thank you for a job well done."

- Suzanne W., American Window Products 5-Star Review


Contact us today to explore the options that fit your aesthetic and budget. We look forward to working with you this season!