Mold GrowthYou may not think of the windows in your home as assets that actually pose a danger to you and your family, but that can be the case when you have old windows. Think about the windows that you have in your home. Do you know how old those windows are? In the event you find yourself with a bunch of old windows, you are exposing you, your family, and your home to the potential for mold growth.

There is a linkage between old and beat up windows and the growth of mold in your home. The best resolution for this is not to just try and fix up the windows you have, but to actually get replacement windows in Jacksonville for your home. Thinking through the way that mold forms and how it pops up right before your eyes in certain situations, the best strategy to fight mold is to prevent it in the first place.  When you have new replacement windows in Jacksonville, that task is going to be made that much easier.  

Lacking Insulation in the Frames

The danger of old windows and their link to mold growth starts with the lacking insulation that exists in the frames of the old windows. If you have windows that are a decade old or more you probably have frames that are made out of wood. These frames have the potential to crack and break down over time. As the wood begins to age it is going to show signs of wear and tear. There may begin to be gaps from the outside in that moisture can get through from rain, humidity, and so on. This overall lacking insulation is what can lead to allowing that moisture in and allowing mold to grow.

Single Pane Glass

The glass also has to be taken into account. Old windows traditionally have a single pane of glass to them. This means one thin layer of glass that is going to work to separate the inside of the home from everything that is happening on the outside. It is not all that difficult for moisture to build up on the interior of the home through the single pane of glass. When this happens, that moisture can form a breeding ground from which mold can begin to form.  

New Vinyl Windows Mean Sealing Out the Moisture

Replacement windows in Jacksonville come into play in the form of mold prevention due to the way that they are constructed. When you have us come out to your home and assess the state of your windows, we will go over with you the many benefits that new vinyl windows bring to the table. When you have new replacement windows in Jacksonville installed, you are going to realize that these new windows do a much better job of sealing out the moisture from the outside in.  

The way that vinyl windows are constructed include vinyl framing as well as double-pane glass. The combination of these two things is going to equate to windows that do a far better job of ensuring that any rain or any humidity from the outside remains on the outside.  

Mold Prevention is Better Than Detection

The goal when you are dealing with mold is to always try and go for mold prevention rather than detection. It is much easier to prevent the growth of mold than it is to detect it and then have someone come to your home to get rid of it. This is exactly why replacement windows in Jacksonville simply make so much sense. What they bring in terms of insulation and their ability to keep moisture out of the home are all about prevention of the very bacteria you are fighting.

Mold is not anything that you should be messing around with as a homeowner. You want to try and prevent the growth of mold in your home in any way that you can. When you can work towards mold prevention, what you are going to find is that you end up with a home that is safer and more comfortable for your entire family. You should not be worrying about mold growth simply because you have old windows. We can help you select replacement windows in Jacksonville that better insulate your home and work to prevent mold from ever forming.