Energy Efficient WindowsWe all know of the term energy efficiency, but what does it really mean? When we think about energy efficiency, we really think about using less energy than we did before. This means getting the most that we can by using the least. When it comes to energy efficient windows, that is exactly what they bring to the table in terms of allowing our homes to stay at a comfortable temperature every single day of the year.

When you are thinking about replacing your windows Jacksonville FL, you need to factor in a slew of different things. You probably have to budget for the windows and you also have to think about the aesthetics, but you really want to focus on the energy efficiency aspect. When it comes down to it, energy efficiency is what is going to help pay for those windows over time. It means you will be using less heat and air conditioning in the winter and summer months to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Double-Pane Glass

New energy efficient windows are going to be more advanced in the glass department than your older windows were. This is because they are going to be made out of what is known as double-pane glass. What this means is that you are going to have two panes of glass that are going to be separating the inside of your home from the outside. When you have two panes of glass, the temperature outside is going to have to get through both of them to penetrate into your home and try and put a dent into the comfort level of it.  

Your old windows were probably made of one pane of glass. This would make it quite easy for the heat of those hot summer months in Jacksonville, FL to get right through. Your air conditioner would have to cycle on so many times to try and keep your home comfortable because the temperature could not be regulated and controlled.

Improved Framing

New windows Jacksonville FL are also going to have improved framing. The frames of the windows are important because when you have cracks in the frames, what you will find is that the air is simply going to go right through them. This was and still is a problem for so many people with old windows that have wooden frames. New vinyl windows do not have this problem as the vinyl is simply never going to crack or break down in these same way. The improved framing will make a huge difference on the way that you can keep your home comfortable in an efficient manner from an energy perspective.

Added Insulation Everywhere

Insulation is very important when you are talking about windows Jacksonville FL. Insulation being installed properly is pivotal as it means that you are going to be absolutely sealing off your windows and the inside of your home from the outside. This seal is so important as it is what is going to lock in the cool temperature in your home when you are trying to fight the heat and the humidity that is outside.

Proper Installation by Professionals  

New windows also mean that you get a chance to have them properly installed by professionals. We at American Window Products are going to be there for you so that you can have your brand new windows installed the way that they should be. This is going to allow them to provide a lock tight seal from the exterior so you not only can be more efficient but also guarantee that no water from the rain or anything is going to make it through them.

Replacement windows Jacksonville FL, especially when you go the vinyl route, is going to make your home that much more energy efficient. The next time that you are thinking about having your windows replaced in your home and you are trying to justify the cost, think of the energy efficiency gains. This alone is going to help you pay for those windows over the long-haul and will also help make your home that much more comfortable. This can help your Jacksonville, FL home be as energy efficient as you want it to be every day.