Which Material Should You Choose for Your New Front Door?

Cherry Wood Front Door of a Expensive Home


The decision on material for your new front door may seem simple.  You probably just immediately think that a front door is made of wood, right?  I mean, that is what you have seen for the last several decades, so why would it change?  Just like anything else, advancements have been made in the manufacturing of front doors.  It is no longer wood that is the only player in the game, as steel and also fiberglass doors gained in popularity in Jacksonville FL.  So which material should you choose for your new front door?  We are here to provide some insight to help.


Energy Efficiency


The first category you want to focus in on is energy efficiency.  Which type of door is going to win out in this regard?  Fiberglass and steel doors are both known for the incredible energy efficiency gains they provide.  Wood doors are a distant third in this race, doing the least to help reduce the footprint of your home from an energy usage perspective.


Resisting the Elements


The nasty storms that our homes are hit with in Florida make it important that we protect our front doors.  Fiberglass doors are the best at resisting elements in comparison to steel or wood doors.  With wood, you have to worry about it rotting as time goes by, especially with the rain pelting up against it.  Steel also does not fare as well for similar reasons. It can get worn as the years pass by.  Fiberglass is much more durable and superior at resisting the elements as they strike.




It gets no better than fiberglass doors for your Jacksonville FL home when you are talking maintenance.  Fiberglass requires virtually zero maintenance.  With wood and steel, you are going to have to keep up with them to protect them from the outdoors as the years pass by.  The manufactured material of fiberglass helps to resist all of that and allows you to enjoy its beauty with minimal work required.


Color Variety


You can do a lot with wood, as well as fiberglass.  Staining or painting these two materials is a breeze.  It is quite easy to change the colors on these doors.  Steel doors are a bit different as the steel can come in various colors, but painting it is not quite that simple.




The strength of fiberglass has already been mentioned above when talking about resistance to the elements outside.  Even outside of that, though, fiberglass is going to withstand bang ups against it much better than steel and wood.  Steel can dent, while wood can chip away just as easily.


Fiberglass has broken away from the pack as the premier solution for a new front door.  Steel, wood, and fiberglass doors can all be perfect for your Jacksonville FL home.  You want to assess the various benefits of each material before deciding.  Reach out to our team of professionals, and we can help get into even more detail than we have listed here.  We want you to be ready and confident you have made the best decision for your new front door!