bigstock-Brick-HomeThe storm door is incredibly overlooked, while it’s value is impressive. Storm doors are great for a variety of uses, and the price tag comes in pretty low. If that’s the case, then why don’t all homes take advantage of storm doors? Our team at American Window Products works with homeowners all the time to see the lengthy list of benefits associated with installing a storm door. From protecting your home to increasing the lifespan of your door, the pros are obvious.

Protecting the Front Door

Front doors are arguably the most used asset in your home, and the excess use comes with the increased potential for wear and tear. Front doors take a beating on a daily basis from kids, movers, harsh weather, among many other things. Especially in a climate like Jacksonville, installing a storm door is a no-brainer.

The whole idea of a storm door is to protect the exterior front door of your home. Front doors are typically made of wood, fiberglass or steel, all of which will break down over time when constantly being pelted with heavy rain, harsh sun, wind and debris. A storm door is intended to protect the exterior front door from breaking down as a result of intense climate conditions.

Think about some of the major hurricanes and tropical storms that pass through the Jacksonville area on a yearly basis. These storms bring actual danger to your home’s assets, it just makes sense to do whatever you can to protect your front door and the interior of your home from any harsh weather.

Helping With the Door’s Lifespan

Not only will a storm door protect your home, it’ll also increase the lifespan of your front door. The cost of a new front door can make a pretty serious dent in your wallet, while investing in a storm door to seriously stretch your front door’s lifespan costs very, very little.

When you protect your door, the structural and aesthetic make-up will remain in perfect shape for a much longer period of time. Most importantly, the sun won’t be able to beat down on the sensitive material, which means its appearance stays nice longer.

Bonus Window

It’s not just about protecting your door, you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of a new, big “window”. When you open your front door and still have the storm door there, you can have a big window to let the fresh air inside through the screen, or look through the glass to enjoy your front yard. Having a storm door is like adding a big window to your home, allowing you to leave your front door open while not exposing the interior of your home to the outside.

A storm door is a practical, worthwhile investment for any homeowner to make. If you’re considering replacing your front door, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to install a storm door. Even if you aren’t ready for a new front door, installing a storm door can put off a new front door installation even longer! Simply adding a storm door over your existing door will increase its lifespan, create better energy efficiency and provide aesthetic appeal. The benefits are clear, and American Window Products is so excited to get the job done for you.