There have been some serious advancement in the windows industry in the last decade, and one of the most groundbreaking introductions is Low-E glass windows. Windows aren’t as simple as they used to be, which is a great thing for consumers. New and improved windows offer better protection and plenty of perks, and the price tag is still relatively the same.

Low-E glass windows have completely changedthe home window industry, thanks to their ability to block harmful UV rays, greatly increase energy efficiency and provide better privacy. When it comes to home windows, nothing compares to Low-E glass.

Keeping the Home Cooler

One of the biggest benefits homeowners notice with Low-E glass windows is their ability to keep your home cool and comfortable. These windows include an invisible coating that goes over the glass of your new windows. The clear coating does an incredible job of reflecting the intense sun and keeping the heat outside. The Low-E glass coating works by bouncing heat off the glass. This awesome technology keeps your home cooler in the hot Florida summers. We all know how important that is!

Scratch Resistant

Good news! There’s no need to worry about your windows getting scratched over time. The coating is on the inside of the glass, which means cat claws and fingernails don’t stand a chance.

Protecting UV Rays

UV rays can do some serious damage to your family’s skin, your pets and furniture. Think of Low-E glass like applying a layer of sunscreen. The invisible, powerful coating will protect your furniture from fading and block the harmful sun from hitting your skin.

No Special Maintenance

Because these windows come with so many great perks, you’re probably wondering what kind of special maintenance is required. More good news! Absolutely none. Use your regular soap and rag, and enjoy all the benefits of Low-E glass windows.

The team of experts at American Window Products will equip your home with the incredibly beneficial Low-E glass windows. You’ll receive countless benefits for practically no added cost. Win, win. The next time you’re due for a window replacement, Low-E glass is the best choice, hands down.