Window ReplacementAre you thinking about replacing your old home windows? The one thing about all of the assets in our homes is that eventually, they have to either be repaired or replaced entirely. We see this all of the time with a roof, exterior doors, walls, flooring, and so on. Your windows are something that you are always going to want to stay on top of.  One question that so many homeowners have though is what the typical process is to actually replace those home windows that may be showing their signs of age. Window replacement Jacksonville, FL projects do encompass a lot of different steps, American Window Products is here to help guide you along the way so that you are always informed.

There are some clear cut steps and a process that we follow whenever we start to work on a window replacement Jacksonville FL project. This includes everything from assessing the current state of your old windows, figuring out how best to get rid of them, and then preparing and installing the new windows. When you reach out to us, you can be sure that we are going to be taking our time to ensure that we meet your needs from a customer service perspective and delivering quality.  

Assessing the Project

The first thing that we are going to do when you reach out to us at American Window Products is to do a full assessment of where your home windows currently stand. This is going to include assessing the entire project as a whole. How many windows are there to be replaced? Are you adding any windows or removing any from your home? What style are you looking for out of your new windows? You also need to come up with a schedule that meets your needs so that we can get your new windows installed a time that works for you and your family.  

Getting Rid of Old Windows

Once we have a plan for the entire project, we are going to start to execute and act on our plan by first getting rid of your old windows. We will work to do this all in one day as we never want to leave your home where you have a big hole from the outside coming in. Some older windows are going to be harder to remove than others. It is going to depend on the style of your home and the age of your windows.

Preparing the Window Spaces

When we have the old windows removed, we are then going to begin our work to prepare the spaces for the new windows to be fully installed. This process is pivotal as this is what is going to ensure that the new windows have the fit that we are looking for. You want the window space to be prepared correctly so that when the new window goes to be installed, there are no hiccups and no short-cuts to be taken to make them work.

Installing the Windows

We will then begin to work to have all of the new windows installed. Our window replacement Jacksonville, FL professionals will work to have your new windows installed as effectively and as efficiently as possible. We want to get those new windows installed in a quality manner so that you can enjoy all of the short and the long-term benefits that they should be bringing to your home.

Ensuring Adequate Seals and Insulation  

Once they are installed, we will work to be sure that all of the caulking and seals are tight. This is what is going to allow you to really take advantage of the energy efficiency gains that are possible when you have new windows installed. So many beginners in terms of installing windows will lack in this area as it does require attention to detail, knowledge, and experience. We will be sure that each window we install meets our highest standards of quality so that you can get all of the energy efficiency gains.

There is a set process that we follow whenever we start a window replacement Jacksonville, FL project. We will do this systematically to ensure that we meet our lofty expectations of ourselves and that we exceed every expectation that you as a customer have. New vinyl windows can bring a lot of benefits to your home and an install that is done by a professional with knowledge and experience can help those benefits be realized.